Watch Out for Puss Caterpillars!

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This past week a student from Reagan High School in San Antonio was sent to the emergency room after being bitten by a puss caterpillar.  These caterpillars look absolutely adorable but happen to be one of the country’s most venomous of the species.  As it turns out, there seem to be a few of them wandering around right now and have been spotted at several San Antonio schools.

So for those of you with children, please make sure to warn them not to be touching these cute little beasts as it could endanger them to the point of death. Yep, for those that are allergic it can trigger anaphylaxis, pain/difficulty breathing/ possible death.  Even for those who are not allergic, it still hurts a lot!

Here is a photo of these lil guys that have been wandering around San Antonio, so you know what to NOT pet, because if you are anything like me, when you see a cute furry creature it is almost impossible to not reach out and cuddle!

Puss Caterpillar

There are a variety of colors that they have from gray to brown, but their shape is the same – so if you see a tear drop shaped caterpillar leave it alone! The most adorable ones are often the most dangerous to deal with.


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