Month: December 2014

Shop of Horrors

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There is a little shop of horrors,

Living deep inside my head.

I’ve tried to just escape it,

But it simply grows bigger instead.

A small compartment of darkness,

Filled with desperation.

Takes on it’s own life,

At the fear of separation.

This rendering of two,

Living in just one place.

Makes me want to drive my nails,

Down inside my face.

Instead I just keep breathing,

One moment at a time.

Hoping for my freedom,

Praying for a sign.


I Watched You Save a Child

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I watched you save a child today,

With that soft spoken demeanor,

That free-spirited radiance.

It was beautiful and impressive.

I watched as they lay dying,

Begging for help so quietly,

Not knowing how bad it was.

How permanent their choices were.

Watched as you reached out to them,

As you filled them with your spirit,

As life leaped in their direction.

I saw the light in their eyes going out,

Slowly dimming out in a grey puddle of mist,

And restarting.

I watched as you wrapped them up in your arms,

And carried them to safety.

And as I watched I was overcome,

With such compassion and love.

That now I want to see you save another one,

And another one,

And another……

I saw you save a child

Need Some Holiday Spirit? Check This Out!

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I just love, love, love this doggy palooza, makes me wish mine were trained better! Lol!

My Redeemer Lives

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My Redeemer Lives

I know that my redeemer lives, and that in the end he will stand on the earth.

Job 19:25

River City Community Church – Pastor Sean Azzaro

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If you like Christian music, Pastor Sean Azzaro of River City Community Church in San Antonio just released a CD – Simple Things.  I definitely recommend checking it out, his work is amazing and he really has a passion for Jesus that I admire.

Simple Things – Sean Azzaro

Bob, Elf on the Shelf’s Silly Weekend Fun!

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This weekend was a lot of fun for us, Christmas shopping, our churches 50th anniversary celebration service, Emileen getting her ears pierced…EEK! While we were out and about, Bob our little Elf on the Shelf was also staying busy…..He decided he needed his exercise on Saturday,


Apparently, he had seen Emileen and Nicolas playing on it and thought it was play equipment.  I am starting to think that Emileen is encouraging his silliness by creating silliness of her own for him to mimic! 🙂 She denies any responsibility for his actions and justifies his climbing the equipment as “he probably thinks that he needs some exercise!”

Sunday, after church, Emileen was very adamant about getting her ears pierced, and I have always said that when she actually wanted them done, I would let her.  The store only had one person piercing certified so I am pretty sure we completely traumatized her from wanting anything pierced again….Ever.  The poor employee, after the first ear, which went perfectly, had to listen to Emileen’s meltdown of the century about doing the other ear.  I don’t know whether it is good parenting or not, but I believe that if you commit to something – you follow through, so I got her to calm down a little and convinced her to get the other ear done.  It took some persuasion and trickery “she is just going to line it up and when you say ready, she will finish it” followed by me immediately saying “GO!” – But after it was all said and done, Emileen said the second one actually hurt less lol! So now she has sparkly earrings and feels better about her choice, so I am calling it a shaky win. And then we came home……

Elf Getting Ears Done

For those of you old enough to be familiar with what this elf, Bob is doing….he has his ear pierced! Into a potato! Emileen was in hysterics laughing about what Bob was up to and said we should have offered to take him along with us…..He even enlisted comfort help from our local Cuddle Bear, just like Em had at Claires from their stuffed little animal.  What a silly elf Emileen and Nicolas adopted!

Adorable Kittiness!

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Fun Animal video of the day! Love those kitties! (This is a facebook video, so again, it may take a moment to load for you!)