Colors, Colors Everywhere – Elf Makes Another Appearance!

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Yesterday after Emileen, my daughter, found Bob – our newly adopted Elf on the Shelf playing with a bottle of water in a bowl, she was completely shocked! I listened to Bob’s side and told her that according to him, she was the reason he was playing in water. Leave it to my daughter to get him out of trouble by calmly explaining that he must of mis-heard her, she had asked him what kind of water he likes to drink, not “go play with water.” I had a difficult time containing my laughter, but kudos to her for seeing him in a less naughty light!

But now I wonder if maybe, maybe we ended up with an Elf on the Shelf that got his job because Santa has given him a time out…..Today as nap time has wrapped up I found our little friend as such –

Elf on the Shelf in Crayons

Knowing that getting into the crayons at my house without adult supervision for safety reasons (I have an artist who can’t be contained – a little Picasso (Emileen)) I would like to hear why Bob is sitting there over a pile of crayons, in the crayon drawer……I have to wait for Em to get home from school to find out  (to be continued….)

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