Facing Tomorrow

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Face to face with the mirror again.

Seeing what I’ve become,

From what I have been.

So much to change,

So much growing to do.

Not even halfway done,

But still failing you.

Each day is so fresh,

Starting out so bright.

But I’m exhausted and broken,

By the end of the night.

It takes so much effort,

To give the little I have.

But for you I continue,

Promised grace my salve.

There is a goal that I must reach,

There is a promise that I must teach.

I just keep pushing on,

Whether I fail or succeed.

More failings than wins.

But please don’t give up on me,

Let me do what I can,

To bring honor to Your name.

I am, in comparison to Your holiness,

Merely a woman.

Facing Tomorrow