An Elf and His Nail Polish

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Yesterday upon finding Bob, our adopted Elf on the Shelf, dumping a pile of crayons onto the floor, my daughter was pretty quick to have his back. When I mentioned that he heard her say “colors colors everywhere,” she told me he must have been listening to her during reading time and didn’t know she was just reading, not giving him instructions.

Again, I gave her the benefit of the doubt. This poor elf on the shelf appears to be completely misunderstanding Emileen, so then today as we are waking up from nap time and waiting for school to be over, here is what I found –

Bob Elf on Shelf

Not only is he using NAIL POLISH on my carpet, but he is WEARING on of Em’s Christmas bows……let’s see how he gets out of trouble this time! Errrrrr………

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