Month: March 2015

Bluebonnets and sweet kids!

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Emileen and Nicolas


Emileen  Nicolas



Emileen and Nicolas

Emileen and Nicolas


Bella Tanning Like a Boss

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Tanning like a Boss

I love my Bella!

Colton Dixon – More Of You

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Beautiful video, wonderful song, I really enjoy Colten Dixon’s work.

My Simple Love Haiku

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My Simple Love Haiku

~ My Simple Love Haiku ~

Your deep, liquid eyes,

Consume me in their sweet depth,

Conveying your soul.

Writing You

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To put you on paper is to make you real,

Bring you to life for eternity in the blackest form.

Giving you the power, the future.

And leaving me empty, with nothing left to print.

I cannot commit you to the lasting word,

For words are not enough to describe your impression,

Your strength.

I cannot do what you ask.

I am not willing to give that part of myself away.

I will instead,

Leave just the hint of your presence,

That you may thrive just enough,

To follow me into tomorrow.

In hopes that I will someday,

Commit to you the memoir you deserve.

Writing You

David Dunn – Have Everything

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I live by this what this song says.  Every day is a new day to give everything that I have to God.  That isn’t always easy, because he does take, but oh the rewards, the knowledge that Heaven is waiting for me, so worth it!

Sweet Narcissim

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In stark silence I lay,

Prostrate on a cement road,

Called existence.

I wait on a future that doesn’t show itself.

Lingering in my own abstract reality.

Expecting a universe to bow before me.

As if in all it’s intricate wonder,

It owes me the favor of acknowledgement.

This narcissism boils over,

Dusting me in a coat of profuse pride.

That leaves me wanting so much more.

As if I am worthy,

As if I have earned it.

Indeed, a fantasy of being so primitively important,

Is only a delusion that I carry,

In the recesses of my soul.

It will return to the darkness shortly,

And I will stand back up.

Trodding ever forward,

Duty bound, future focused, unnoticed.