Month: April 2015

Be My Shadow

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As a shadow I carry you with me,

Through my journey of life.

I am attached to you.

As if we are one,

As we were one.

Torn from my side I can only dream.

And stare into the darkness that is my world.

Reaching to you always,

But one can never touch their shadow can they?

A never-ending torment that I will endure.


Because the shadow of you,

Is all I am left with.

Be My Shadow


Promise of Peace

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Promise of Peace

Peace I leave with you; my peace I give you. I do not give to you as the world gives. Do not let your hearts be troubled and do not be afraid.

John 14:27

Being Hostile

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This hostility you feel,

This hatred you impose,

Doesn’t solve the problem,

It only makes it grow.

So while you want your vengeance,

And while it may be sweet,

The aftertaste is bitter,

And will end in self-defeat.

Ode to a Mother

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Her hair blowing softly in the wind,

She shines with the glistening hope,

Of youth.

Dawn breaking over the horizon,

She walks forward into a new day a

Fresh start.

The future of a universe,

Riding quietly beneath her shoulders,

Setting forth.

Unaware of potential burden,

She glides triumphant,

Ever forward.

Ode to a Mother

Dive – Steven Curtis Chapman

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We only get this one opportunity to go for it.  Make every moment count for something bigger than us.

Never Satisfied

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Deception creeping this way,

Celebrating silently as he worms his way along.

Wrapping tentacles of doubt softly around small ankles,

Climbing ever so slowly upwards.

Emanating horrors that are beyond the normal scope of imagination,

Gleefully digging deep planting the seeds of destruction and spreading.

Until an eruption of chaos that cannot be fathomed,

An explosion of loathing blasted throughout.

A birthing of epic malevolence,

And yet, anti-climatic.

Deception, moving on to the next victim,

Never satisfied.

Never Satisfied