Huskies and Carrots

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Huskies and Carrots

There are many treats out there that are delicious for your husky and with their notoriously sensitive stomach a lot of those can create icky stools that have to be uncomfortable for your pup to deal with! Today I want to talk about all the benefits of giving them a tasty carrot as a treat!
First, can your husky even have carrots?? Absolutely! In moderation carrots offer lots of benefits for your siberian husky that you can both appreciate!
There are a few different ways that you can give carrots to your husky safely. Make sure however, that you are giving big ones, not baby carrots as you don’t want your canine companion to choke on them!

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Luna Enjoying Her Carrot

1. Whole, fresh carrots

  • A peeled, fresh carrot offers your husky a good support for their dental health, helping to clean through the mechanical scraping of their teeth on the stick. It will scrape their teeith and help to prevent plaque build-up for better overall oral health. In this raw form, they won’t metabolize the nutrients in the carrot and it will come out looking the same way it did going in. It can keep them busy for a bit though and has a sweet taste that pups enjoy.

2. Steamed, fresh carrots

  • Steamed carrots are a bit softer for your husky, so they will be eaten more quickly. However in this form, the carrots offer the healthy nutrients that you want for your dog.  Beta-caratene can help support their eye health and Vitamin A can help with their immune, skin and coat health.

3. Chopped, steamed carrots

  • For the pup that doesn’t like chewing on carrot sticks, you can give them the healthy snack in their actual meals all chopped up so they get the benefit without having to worry about eating them plain.

Luna Eating a Carrot

Other benefits that carrots offer include regularity. They are high in fiber so as your husky enjoys eating them, they can actually add some bulk to their loose stools. They are low calorie and low fat, making them an ideal bonus treat when they are doing good puppy things! 

With my three dogs, the only one that actually likes the carrots whole and fresh is my husky, so I definitely recommend them for Siberian Husky owners!

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