Luna the Husky and Her Benebone Toy

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Luna the Husky and Her Benebone Toy

So Luna got to try out a new toy that I have been wanting to get her as the advertisements all say it is comparable to an actual bone and is very durable.  This Benebone chew toy features a wishbone shape that is supposedly easy for dogs to chew while being made of materials that are dog safe and virtually indestructible. And as with any new toy, I gave Luna the 2 minute destruction challenge!  

The Benebone boasts a real bacon flavor that will have your dog wanting more, keeping them interested and with Luna my husky, it is important that I give her things that will occupy her time, or else she will find naughty ways to do so! The video of her chewing the toy was literally the first two minutes that she had access to it and that was just a couple days ago now.  At this moment, the bone does look like each of the ends has been chewed on, not too destroyed though and true to its advertising, it has definitely kept Luna busy in her uptime.

The bone does have an ergonomic design with a curve that makes it easy for Luna to push up whichever end she wants to chew on, so she isn’t getting aggravated that she can’t get a good grip on the toy.
With deep, texture grooves Luna can actually bite the toy the way she wants and the Benebone is made from nylon which means she isn’t immediately just busting through it like candy.
Too much time chewing on it I have found does give her a little tummy upset though, I am guessing the real bacon flavoring creates a bit of ickiness but she can manage about an hour or so and then she should have a break time anyhow.
Another benefit of this toy versus real bones is that even though it is infused with a natural bacon flavor, it doesn’t stink up the house and it also has not stained my furniture!
The Benebone itself has a decent size, but really shouldn’t be used by dogs who weight over 70 pounds as it isn’t really designed for the big ones. And as with any other toy, it is important that she only play with it while I am monitoring her, as small parts could break off and will need to be disposed of right away!  It is easy to forget that a chew toy is not an actual treat, so it really is not designed to be gobbled up!

Overall, I think this could be a great toy for a small to medium sized dog that enjoys chewing and likes bacon.

Check out other toys that work for medium sized, tough chewers!

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