Ways to Help With Digging Huskies

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Ways to Help With Digging Huskies

So you caved and acquired an adorable, sweet, fluffy, energetic Siberian Husky. Now you can settle back and enjoy all the awesome benefits of having a canine companion to dote on your every move. 

san antonio, texas
Such a cute little innocent pup!
And just when you think you can have a break and relax, let them go outside and enjoy the fresh air, BAM, they are gone! Like a magician in the night, your little escape artist has gone to find some tasty rodent to attack! It is true that some huskies will never go and dig their way out of their yard to explore the world, but for the majority, digging is a thing. A constant thing. Also escaping. They get bored, they get lonely, they leave. So how can you convince your pup to stay put?? I have several suggestions that can keep your husky happy and at home where they belong! 

1.) Redirect their digging.
Digging much like their predator vibes is a major husky instinct. They need to dig. If you ask them why though, they will just stare at you with that adorable face covered in fresh dirt and laugh.
You can try building a sandpit (or filling a small pool/sandbox up) in your yard with some various tasty treats buried. This can redirect the digging in a positive way to a specific area, especially if you have extra space in your yard that you don’t mind sharing with them! There are several husky owners that I know who have adding a sandpit to be positive as it promotes their instinct and prevents them from having to be the “bad guy.” Just remember when using this method that you have to train them just like you do with other things like sit and don’t punish them when they think that digging everywhere is ok, just redirect with postive tasty treats (or bones, whatever type of bonus works for your pup).

2.) Constant supervision.
Rather than letting him free-range in your yard, go out and monitor his outdoor time with him, then when you see the digging start, you can redirect with a game, treat or a strong, “no.” This is actually what I have found to be most effective with my husky, although as she is a puppy still, I generally even keep her leashed so we stay on “potty” task. Her outdoor time consists of walks around the block, potty training in the yard, and free run time at the dog park we have nearby. Every once in awhile though we will spend 30 minutes or so working out that energy with zoomies across the backyard but I am always there to make sure she doesn’t start a bad behavior. This also helps to keep her from being bored because as her packmate I can keep her busy chasing things!
san antonio, texas
Keep Looking At Me Mom!

3.) Provide natural barriers.
Planting fast growing bushes around your fence line can often deter the digging and escaping behavior, although it does take some time to get the bushes big enough to distract from the fence and if your yard is small, this takes away from free range space too. This option is not at the top of my list as they will still sometimes feel that they need to dig around the bushes and then you are back to square one looking for a more effective method, but for some huskies they don’t like the feel of the bush roots so they will stop digging where the bushes are. It is really trial and error when it comes to finding what will work for your busy little pup.
Often times huskies will dig when bored so incorporating more activity into your schedule with them may work, a tired husky is a behaved one! Extra running time, extra dog park time, maybe even considering a doggy daycare or inhome puppy nanny can help to keep your husky from even wanting to dig! 

These are just a few suggestions, this husky site http://www.snowdog.guru/how-to-stop-your-husky-digging-up-the-yard/ has other helpful options that you can try out too!
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san antonio, texas
Gotta Stay Busy!
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2 thoughts on “Ways to Help With Digging Huskies

    cherokee17 said:
    September 22, 2017 at 3:13 PM

    These are some awesome tips! Thank you!!
    We just got my girl on the 5th and are so in love. We are moving into a new house soon that has a pre-fenced in yard so I will certainly be saving this!

    Liked by 1 person

      Aimster813 responded:
      September 22, 2017 at 3:25 PM

      Thank you so much for taking time to look through my tips, I sure hope they can be helpful to you if your little pup decides to start playing ‘escape’ lol! Fortunately I have been lucky so far with Luna (she is right at 9 months old now) with no attempts yet hahah!


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