Husky Sleeping Styles

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Husky Sleeping Styles
So after you have brought your little husky puppy home and given them either 95% of the space on your bed for life, or their own special little cuddle crate to sleep in, you may find that they sleep in the absolute goofiest positions! 

san antonio texas
Wildly Broken Husky Alert! 
This token sprawled out look that Luna is doing is one of her favorites, in fact this position is often called “a broken husky” among husky owners! She is broken ALL the time and I find it absolutely hilarious! It is also a great position to see your pup sleeping in because it means they are very confident that they are safe and secure! So if your pup ‘breaks’ in their bed, be excited to know that they are happy and comfy with you around!

san antonio texas
Happy Sleepy Baby!
Now, the other position that I find Luna is another comfortable one, but more wary. She is pretty strict when it comes to our night time schedule so if things are not precisely as they should be, she will curl up with her tail tucked overe her nose, but with her eyes up so she can let me know that she is not pleased about the bedtime situation.  Also, as she can be a little vocal, she will yell intermittently until I correct what is out of place. I am also an owner of two little kitties who think that night time is prowl time so if I don’t have them locked up that is on major problem for Luna.  If the cats are out, she is supposed to be I guess! 

Getting ready for a day nap!
I have also noticed that Luna really enjoys moving her blankets around in her cage to wrap up in a little bit, not too much because she gets hot, but she likes a little cuddle! If she catches me watching her adjust her blankets though, she will give me the side-eye! Such hilarious things doggies do!
san antonio texas
Love having a foot warmer around!
It is always important to pay close attention to your pup’s body language, they don’t speak English but the more you watch them them more you can both communicate together and create an environment that works for you and your whole family! 

husky dogs puppies
Luna likes to sleep where her eyes can stay on me – she is looking at my chair there!
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