Adventures in Phlan – Session 1

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We meet our adventurers all wandering through the plaza of Phlan looking to begin fresh new lives. Barnstead the builder is a dwarf desiring to go out and help others while building a church if his own. Brash is a bard, excited to build on his skills of entertainment hoping to one day even be a fire dancer. Roscoe the halfling rogue has escaped a dark past that resulted in his family heirloom being stolen and has sworn to get it back at any cost. Vikon a noble wizard is searching for adventure and magical weapons to hone his skills.

They begin their story when seeing a soldier posting up signs requesting help in the hunt for possible ghosts and Brash took the opportunity to impress the crowd by following behind the soldier and mocking him. Barnstead stopped to read the flyer and encouraged the group to go to the graveyard and get more information.

The group entered the pristine but aged Valhingen graveyard and saw an elderly man bent over planting flowers. Although intent on his work he knew they had approached and welcomed them. He introduced himself as Yovir Glandon and gave information about rumors of a ghost ship moving down the coast killing off villages. He asked the group to go investigate and though poor offered 3 healing potions as payment and horses to borrow as well as room and board at the Laughing Goblin Inn. The group accepted and headed to the Kelmevor sanct to talk to a madman who may have information to direct them. The madman only spoke of a dracolich and then went into a fit of yips. They found out from the cleric standing guard that a member of the Black Fist, Alyed had been by earlier asking questions so they decided to stop and see what information she had gleaned. As it turns out she had little to go on other than the attacks seem to be moving steadily down the coast and based on timing the next would probably be in the next day or so.

This prompted the group into action and they headed out on the Iron Route going north towards the next village to be hit. On the way they bumped into a man and son with a broken carriage. Barnstead nicely helped him fix the axle and Roscoe pilfered through the back for good loot and got stuck inside a trunk. Brash kept the father and son entertained with stories and helped Roscoe out of a tight situation saying they were merely testing the security of the merchants trunks. The father mentioned a ferry up the road and then went on his way back to Phlan.

They continued on and as night fell wolf pups rolled into the roadway whilst a protective momma dire wolf came up behind the group. In a moment of reaction Vikon shot at her with magic and missed which made her growl with hackles up. She snapped at the group and as they decided that they may have to attack, the pups ran off the road and she took off after them. The group then decided it may be best to camp as it was late and dark out.

One thought on “Adventures in Phlan – Session 1

    defendersofthevale said:
    January 14, 2020 at 11:13 AM

    I love that your write these out. I am a big fan of reading them. I recently started doing mine as a podcast but nothing beats reading the plot 🙂 awesome stuff.


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