Adventures in Phlan – Session 2

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Lo and behold our adventurers found themselves well rested after camping on the path to search out the ghost ship. As morning broke Barnstead the Builder cooked up some eggs for everyone while Brash tried to regale them with a fun tale. Roscoe sat comfortably and only moderately enjoyed listening, although he found the eggs cooked just perfectly.

After packing up, the crew decided to leave Vikon the noble to sleep since he was clearly tired out and they went on up the Iron Route to search for ghosts. A little way ahead they saw a dock and Barnstead headed up to chat with a ferryman who had just come over from a small island. The ferryman introduces himself in a gruff manner as Walsh and offered to take the group to the island but quickly as bad weather was rolling in. As they were short on gold, Brash offered payment by way of story and Walsh agreed but found himself not enjoying it all that much.

The ride across to the island with no name was short and Walsh told them to expect to stay until the storm passes as he will not be running the ferry until it is clear.

They then found themselves in a small clearing and could see a group of hovels ahead so they decided to head that way. A campfire burned at the center where three old crones bustled about. A young girl ran up to meet the group, excited to see fresh faces.

She was Elisande and seemed genuinely interested in learning all about the outsiders. She wasted no time in latching onto Brash, following his every move and begging for stories. Roscoe took the opportunity to wander off and search some hovels coming up empty handed aside from a healing potion left on a broken counter.

After meeting back up the group went to look at the smokehouse where Barnstead promptly became exhausted and had to leave the space but not before chatting with the butcher Ulberto a bit. Ulberto was a strange looking man with one really long and one really short arm. He let them know that he is not one to back down from a fight and kill an outsider if needed…wouldn’t mind eating them after either.

Meanwhile Roscoe told the group about a magic broom he saw in one hovel that Brash decided to go and take, calling dibs as custom requires.

The group then decided the island may be hostile to them and want to gobble them up so they go upon Elisande’s suggestion to chat with the old crones at the fire. Barnstead gauged the space to see that no nefarious creatures were laying in wait and was moderately appeased.

The crones liked to speak in riddles and rhymes and told the group they would be willing to help out if they can answer just three riddles. They succeed, after deliberating on each for a moment or two. The crones offered the help of the islands protector the lemure. At that moment the sun had finally gone down and they heard attackers approaching. The enemy close enough to see was covered in bones and one was glowing and throwing balls of fire.

Without any hesitation our happy heroes leapt into action to wipe out the enemies and save the day! After some back and forth they realized the enemy is not actually a ghost or undead after all but a group of kobolds and bandits! Barnstead had a shining moment when he smashed his massive weapon right into a kobolds head leaving nothing behind but bloody mush. Brash made many attempts at ridiculing the enemy to their detriment which finally succeeded as a kobold just can’t take anymore bad mockery and slit his own throat. Roscoe took full advantage of his quick stealth like abilities and snuck up on not one but two kobolds running the first through with his rapier and stabbing the other straight up its face with the same blade laughing as it dropped to the ground.

Brash managed to put two fleeing kobolds to sleep as they climbed into a boat and after killing off all of the others he runs his dagger through one’s skull and slaps the crap out of the other to wake him up.

The group then took a moment to ask questions and found out that the kobold was acting under the direction of the mage Ixas who is part of the cult of dragons. They were told to capture villagers for interrogation.

At this point a large collision was heard and fire shot up in the distance. Brash turned the kobolds eyes to the blaze and asked what that was but the kobolds eyes had glazed over and he begged for death. In a flourish Brash pushed the kobolds head under the water and drowned him.

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