Adventures in Phlan – Session 3

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With rain pouring down and wind blowing ferociously Brash bravely decided to jump on his newly found magic broom and fly out to where the large explosion had occurred.  Roscoe took some extra time to knock on doors and see if there was anything worth using for defense should the enemies return to the island. Barnstead contemplated whether or not they should take the remaining boat out to where the noise had come from.  Roscoe found a bunch of sickly goats in a barn close by and was rejected from several locked houses where the villagers were less than welcoming. Brash returned to let the group know that he saw that a large ship and a smaller one had collided and then headed back out to see if the crews would destroy each other.  Roscoe went to search one hovel with nothing worth taking and came back to the group and went on to flirt with Elisande a bit. Barnstead made the executive decision at that point to jump into the boat and head out as Brash had gone back out and not returned yet. Roscoe leapt into the boat as well and they rowed on to impending danger.

Ahead two boats had collided, a large one and a smaller, old rotted ship that looked as though it jumped up out of the water, no clear way that it could be floating naturally with giant holes throughout it. The boats were both on fire.  Two crews could be seen ensconced in battle and don’t notice the little boat right away. Brash went flying around the front of the ship and watched as the crews fought. Barnstead and Rosco jumped into battle, killing off foes left and right.  Brash joined as well on his broom, knocking back pirates and kobolds alike. After a retaliatory attack Brash chose to fly back out of the battle zone, only to be hit with a crossbow arrow that incidentally extinguished his life. Unable to recover, his body fell onto the broom prone, and the broom continued in flight into the distance.

 After killing off several enemies from both crews, Barnstead and Roscoe cut their losses and fled back to the little boat as the fire was spreading quickly. They rowed back to shore, unsure of what had happened to Brash. The group decided that they would be better off not staying on the island as Roscoe is absolutely convinced that he will be killed and eaten up by Ulberto. Elisande begged them to take her too but they tell her to stay and wait for Brash to reappear. She tearfully agreed to stay and went to the shore to watch for him.

They successfully took a boat across to the mainland, avoiding Walsh the ferryman as he refused to take the ferry back over anyhow.  They kept moving on to the camp that they had previously made up to find that Vikon was on a mad wicked bender and was completely passed out in his tent still. As Barnstead and Roscoe laid down to turn in for the night a pack lifted up and dumped all of its contents on the ground. Nothing was taken so they put the gear back and go to sleep.

Upon waking in the morning feeling a bit refreshed, Barnstead noticed a chill in the air and that Roscoe was missing an eyebrow.  Roscoe saw Barnstead and immediately told him to get his clothes back on, he is not sexy enough to run around stark naked. Barnstead disagreed but got dressed anyhow.  There was no evidence of the intruder or any sense of evil around but they did seem to be hearing a bit of shrill laughter now and again.

They rode the horses back into town and updated Yovir Glandon on what they had seen and he gave them some gold as payment and offered more work in the future. Afterwards they went to Aleyd and shared the same information. She also gave them gold and offered extra work when desired.  They turned in the horses at the stable and stopped at the Laughing Goblin Inn where they got cozy by a fire and relaxed with some ale. Barnsteads cup was lifted up and thrown into the fire to the cackle of laughter and out of thin air a cat sized blue dragon faerie appeared. He offered them his treasure as Roscoe told him he wasn’t a fan of the pranks. In a flourish the faerie dragon tossed down five old buttons and a safety pin.  Barnstead offered the dragon a gold piece to leave them alone. The dragon was happy to oblige and said they can yell if they ever need him and then promptly disappeared.

The door of the inn creaked open and a dashing warlock entered the room. He seemed friendly and immediately began swapping stories with the group.

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