Adventures in Phlan – Session 4

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As the adventurers woke in the morning there were several notes slipped under doors, encouraging them to go out and get ahold of a book that had been taken from the Kelemvorites recently by a woman seen going north.  As Barnstead and Roscoe sat by the fire and enjoyed a bowl of cabbage soup and some bacon they shared their notes and discussed whether they should go find said book or not. Goober took advantage of the waiters kindness, following him around and being genial while taken extra bacon and then slipping into the kitchen to load his plate up. He joined the table as they were discussing plans and shared some of his bacon with the group. After a bit, Alyed of the Black Fist burst into the inn looking for the adventurers, seeming in a panic. She breathlessly begged the table to go in search of the local herbalist to get medications for her soldiers who had fallen ill. They agreed to take on the task and gathered up their gear to head out.  Barnstead requested that they stop by the Kelemvor temple before heading north to the herbalist cottage so they went to see if the clerics had any information on the missing book.

At the temple there was only a single acolyte cleaning the building and he only had second hand knowledge of the book being missing and some girl heading northwards. He gave them a blessing as Goober asked for one and Roscoe noticed a torch on the wall with ornate detailing that was different than the others. Barnstead saw him eyeballing it and also noticed a soft blue radiating from the bottom of it but both left it there.

They headed north to locate the herbalist and ran into a flying snake on the side of the road who was sunbathing and before moving past the group heard yelling a ways off the road. Goober ended up climbing a nearby tree to see what was going on and saw a group of goblins in a heated debate. Barnstead asked them what was wrong and the group learned that the goblins were all wanting to go to a convention in Phlan but they needed to take a chest up north to their cave. Immediately the group offered to take the chest and the leader of the group gave them instructions including one saying specifically to not open it.

After they left Goober tried to open it and got a little zap. Barnstead started to chat with the snake to see if it knew anything. The chest was eventually knocked open and contained an assortment of junk as well as ½ of a dungeon map and a piece of charcoal that Barnstead saw as a blue sapphire. Barnstead scanned the space for an evil presence and noticed that the snake was indeed malevolent. The group saw a mule hanging out and decided to take it with them. Before leaving the snake warned them that a beast would not be happy with them stealing the treasure they found.

A little way down the road the group began running into cobwebs, eventually having to torch them out of the way. They came up to a cottage and were immediately attacked by a giant spider along with a swarm. After a ferocious battle the spiders were killed and the group found a commoner in a tree who ran off in a fright. They entered the cottage to get attacked by another massive spider that Roscoe rode like a bull and he stabbed her through the skull. With a cursory search some potions were found along with the guidebook the group had been looking for but that disappeared before they made it out the door.  Goober also disappeared, leaving the two adventurers to their own devices.

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