Adventures in Phlan – Session 5

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Roscoe and Barnstead decided it was probably best to go ahead and take the chest to the goblin cave. Barnstead was hoping the beast the snake spoke of would then go after the goblins rather than them. The cave was rather small and completely full of piles of old junk but the goblins were receptive to the two and gave them leave to take a look around.  A wall near the entrance appeared to be crumbling and every once in awhile the place would shake a bit but Hobojoe just blew it off as the noisy neighbors. Roscoe looked around and found a giant eagle egg, some leather armor and a small gold dragon idol and the goblin let him keep the dragon as a thanks for the chest.

At this point the wall tumbled down revealing an entrance to the ‘neighbors’ section. The adventurers take a moment to decide whether they want to look or not and in the end curiosity wins and they peek inside. A cultist appeared to be standing in front of a burning altar chanting loudly so he doesn’t notice them right away. A cursory glance showed them nothing of import, a few scrolls that couldn’t be read due to the thick cloud of smoke in the unventilated room.

The cultist noticed them finally and bids them to leave, so Roscoe backs out of the room and pulls his bow while Barnstead took a moment to see what his God would want. The cultist took the bow pull as a sign of battle and launched an attack. Roscoe let loose with the bow putting the arrow straight through the cultist brain, instant kill. The adventurers walk to the fire and Roscoe recognizes the egg to be that of a dragon and knows in order to keep it safe it must continue incubation in the fire. Barnstead then came up with a brilliant idea for how to transport the egg and they work together to get it going. After successfully getting the egg moved to the barrel carrier, the adventurers head back south down the path toward Phlan.

Forest Path

When they came back across the pathway with the flying snake they saw it gliding to the ground, which began to feel warm under their feet and started to shake. Above their heads they hear a great flapping and down before them lands a massive, gold dragon. The dragon seems calm and maybe a little perturbed. He greets the adventurers and gives each one a full on body sniff, searching for a treasure he needs to completely his collection so he can move on to the greater beyond.

He explained the importance of this to the group and they emphatically offer to help get the treasure back for him. Roscoe, testing his luck, asks what they will get in return and after asking what they want Barnstead mentions wanting to build a temple so the dragon offered to clear land at a location of his choosing should they get his sapphire back. The dragon is good but is so clearly upset by the theft that he is willing to burn Phlan to the ground to get it back. To make further contact the dragon tells them that Cupcake the faerie dragon is his emissary in Phlan. He took off then, with the dragon egg, to take it back to its mother.

The travelers make it back to Phlan without further incident and stop by the Black Fist office to drop off the adders tongue to save the ill soldiers. Aleyd greets them and pays for their help and asked about their missing compatriot. As they converse more about the local lighthouse beacon being out a ruckus in the hall ensues ending with none other than Elisande bursting into the office to the surprise of Barnstead and Roscoe. She tells them that several pirates had come from the sea and burned their village to the ground while she was waiting for Brash to return. Instead the magic broom had shown up still flying and according to Elisande Brash was nowhere to be found, though she didn’t sound convincing. She gives the broom to the adventurers and goes off to join the silent sisters.

Laughing Goblin Inn

Back at the inn the travelers make themselves at home eating and drinking and enjoying the rowdiness. They ask after Goober who has not made an appearance yet. After a well deserved rest they leveled to three and prepared to go investigate more about the lighthouse while also searching for Goober.

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