Adventures in Phlan – Session 6

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Morning was dreary as the two adventurers made their way out into the bustling city of Phlan. They headed to the Sokol administrative office to see if there was any other information they could gather before going out to Thorn Island to look into the beacon issue. There they met Leila who was brusque but offered them a note to give to the ferryman to gain free passage to the island. She didn’t have a lot of information other than the guard hadn’t changed over like they normally do.  As Barnstead and Roscoe walked out the door they passed by a Black Fist outpost and met Sergeant Hurn who had a less than positive opinion of Sergeant Grim and working on the island in general. As a last dig for extra info, the group chatted with the dockworkers by the inn who had a lot of unreliable information including tidbits that led them to believe the keep may be haunted.

Karst the ferryman was happy to take the gang across to the island and chatted a bit about the hired help they could expect to run into. As they climbed off the ferry a group of three was there to greet them in the drizzling weather. The group was a mother, father, son set that had been maintaining the island for quite some time. They let the guys know that their supervisor Igan has been missing and they haven’t seen any guards recently either. Shandra, mother, gave them a key that would open most of the doors in the buildings and Roscoe went to search the main mansion for Igan’s quarters. He found some random items including a book about Moonsea Cults and a scrap of paper with a sketch of a shrine of some sort. Meanwhile Barnstead goes to take a look at the lighthouse and see if he can fix up the beacon. The door to the beacon room is the only one that the key doesn’t fit so Barnstead makes an attempt to smash it in, and fails…Roscoe who finished his search comes in time to pick the lock so they can take a peek. There was nothing seemingly broken with the beacon, it looked like it should be running but it wasn’t.  They decide to search the other areas on the island in hopes of finding the missing folks. As the group enters the east tower they notice a section that has furniture that had recently been pushed around so they go to take a look. After moving some planks the group uncovers a small room that appears to be where Igan had spent quite a bit of time recently. Roscoe grabs up a journal that he had been keeping and as they search, random objects keep falling around them. Goober pops his head into the room, surprising the adventurers as they hadn’t seen him in awhile and he lets them know that he asked around to find them. Roscoe takes the opportunity to ask if Goober plans on giving back the charcoal piece which Goober questions like a madman but says that he will be happy to. So Roscoe then headed outside to call on Cupcake – faerie dragon emissary of the golden dragon Tothu, The Calm. He waits around for a bit while Goober and Barnstead read up on Igans scrawls. Cupcake did eventually make a showing and said he would be happy to go get the dragon after Roscoe offered him gold pieces to go quickly. He joined back with the group in the tower then to catch up on what they had found.  Barnstead and Goober let him know that the tower is actually haunted and they have been asking the ghost questions. At this point the ground shakes violently and warms under their feet so they go outside to greet the dragon who seems a bit perturbed at being ‘summoned’. After a bit of convincing, Goober does give the dragon his sapphire stone back so he can complete his treasure collection to join the ancient dragons in the grand cemetery which he agrees to put off until Barnstead decides where he wants land cleared for his temple. After Roscoe asks, the dragon does offer a single golden scale to each of them, to be given when he clears the land for Barnstead. He also informed them that he could indeed smell treasure and human blood coming from the west tower. He took off and left the group to investigate.

They headed to the west tower and Goober sent in his little sidekick minion to see if there were any enemies afoot before they entered but the place looked deserted. His minion changed into a dog and started digging in the dirt, uncovered a slab with a handprint indent. There was some rope laying around and digging tools as well. The group decides to enter and Barnstead puts his hand into the indent reciting a phrase that they had found in Igan’s journal. An opening appeared in the floor and Goober sent his buddy down to again, check things out before they all went down.  The area was clear so the group shimmied on a rope and as they looked around the cavern the slab reappeared with the indent showing again. They moved along down the corridor in mud eventually running across some animated armor that agreed not to kill them unless they plundered the temple. After that the group came across a large space with an altar that had an idol with tentacles surrounded by black water. A dead person laid out on the floor turns out to be Igan on closer inspection. There was also a dead guard on the other side of the pool. Piles of bones were set in each corner and there were two skeletons near the back of the room sitting.  A green glow smelling of magic filled the space and the dead bodies were suddenly rising up and looking to kill. A bold fight ensued with Goober consistently blasting bodies back across the room while Roscoe shot everyone he could and Barnstead did his best to mash up the skeletons. They eventually kill everything and Goober stops to take Igan’s wand before they continue on their way.

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