Adventures in Phlan – Session 8

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After checking to make sure all the butterfly atrocities were completely laid to rest Roscoe and Barnstead take a more in depth look around the room to make sure there is nothing of import. Goober and quasit go to have a sit down in the chess room for a bit. Upon inspection Barnstead locates a wand that looks like a generic stick to both him and Roscoe but they take it along anyhow.

They decide to go check out the kitchen at the end of the hallway which appears to have a door that leads into another room, along with a staircase to the second floor and an exit from the house. Amongst all the dusty and old food items laying around they see a bowl with three vibrantly colored apples that look enticing, however they are a bit concerned about taking them. While thinking about them the adventurers take a look around finding some interesting potions and some jars of jam and preserves.  They check out a pantry to find that it is pitch black and they can’t see inside at all.

Roscoe makes an attempt to push Rivana through the doorway after an arrow disappears, forgetting for a moment that she was a corporeal being. Around this time Barnstead sees a shelf with some jars that a skull is hiding behind so he pulls it out to see if it is one they are looking for. Goober comes back in with quasit around this time, catching up on the activities. He volunteers to run the skull to the dining area and takes a peek into the room next door only to see that it is a dining room. Each of the adventurers decides to check out the room more closely, finally noticing that there are about a dozen rat statues hanging out around moldy food.

As Quispy the quasit enters the room, the rats transform to life and go into immediate attack mode as they are so hungry! After a smashing first round ending in the crushing of a few of the rats, the adventurers begin turning to stone…..with each continuing round of attacks random groups of rats and heroes turn to stone, making it a little trickier to get rid of the raging rodents.  After a close call at the very end of battle everyone slides through while maintaining their human form. They decide then to head upstairs and see what other magical adventures they may find.  

As the group gets to the hallway they feel a bit of a breeze and Goober sends Quispy on down to check out what is down there who makes it about halfway before he finds that the wind has picked up and blown him all the way back to the staircase.  After a couple extra tries and no success, the adventurers decide to take a look in a different direction to see if there is anything they can use to get down the hallway. 

Barnstead confidently walks into what appears to have been a bathroom that water is coming from the ceiling through like rain though it isn’t accumulating. As he goes to look closer there is a tub full of water that a massive frog leaps out of, unleashing a pink gooey tongue in an attempt to suck Barnstead in, but misses. Roscoe immediately puts an arrow through its head killing it instantly and then leaps over to grab the frog and slice it all the way open to see if there are any goodies inside.  There is some currency so he grabs it and leaves the frog corpse prone on the floor. Barnstead and Quispy notice a skull in the tub that they pull out to add to the collection. 

They then enter what looks like to be a dressing room with a lovely table holding a mirror and Goober excitedly grabs a fantastic looking cloak, draping it around his shoulders he looks into his shimmering reflection in the mirror and promptly goes blind.  Roscoe assumes that the mirror is the reason and tells Goober so. Fortunately Quispy can see for him so they work out a team system to get to the next space. They see a small closet and Barnstead heads right in, seeing a pile of small gems that Goober scoops up real quick as his vision has recently returned.  Barnstead then takes a couple good wallops to the wall and breaks a hole to enter another closet. As he steps into this space he feels something crawl over his foot and Goober, Quispy and Roscoe see Barnstead completely disappear from sight. He can still be heard and doesn’t seem to be hurt or anything so the others join him, each disappearing in turn as well. 

They leave the closet from the doorway and enter a guest style bedroom where Roscoe notices a large globe lighting up the room with what appears to be a firey inferno.  He grabs a blanket to pick it up after determining that it was super hot and the group decides to take it down to the pantry and see if it can light up that space. It works effectively and they find some regular pantry items along with a barrel of beer and a gem. 

They then head back upstairs following the path they were on before and head to the next guest room space and find that as they cross the room they become 1/12th of the size they were before. Quispy checks out a chest as a giant centipede slithers out from under the bed, hungry and ready for a snack. He fails to get a bite in and gets crushed! Barnstead and Quispy manage to drag the chest out of the room so they can open it up and after successfully picking the lock they find another skull in the chest. Upon lifting the skull, a bunch of gold falls out too.  

The group crosses into a library and takes a look around, Roscoe investigates a massive desk with three drawers while Goober keeps an eye on a set of armor in the corner, staying ready for anything. Roscoe finds some interesting goodies including another skull and a magnifying glass while Barnstead decides to put on the armor so he can be seen. Goober nicely helps cram him into it. 

The group uses pitons to get past the rest of the crazy windy hallway and decides to take a short rest before moving up the stairwell to the next floor.

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