Adventures in Phlan – Session 7

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In the thick green lighting, Goober decides to get a closer look of the giant statue standing by the altar. It is in the pool on a stand that makes it appear to be floating but blood had gotten into the water and touched the bottom of the statue. On inspection the group determines that the statue is actually made from jade so it is very valuable but weighs about a ton so taking it with them is not realistic. They go ahead and continue down the cave pathway to a closed door that Goober’s quasit had located on a scouting mission.  It appears to have collapsed on itself a bit and the group has to go through some effort to get a hole smashed in to see what is on the other side.

After meager attempts by Barnstead and Goober, Roscoe ninja kicks a hole big enough for them to crawl through. Barnstead peeks his head through the doorway and sees a couple guards and an altar. Determining that it is safe, they all climb through to chat with the guards who appear to work for the Black Fist. Among them is Sergeant Grim who has been missing. They all are clearly starving and were resigned to dying in the room as the collapse had made it impossible to get out.  With help from the adventurers the soldiers get out of the room and wait for them to lead the group out of the temple.

The group takes a quick glance around the cavern the soldiers had been stuck in and they see two more of the large statues of the demon figure although these are made from stone rather than jade. In the center of the room is an older altar that has a representation of Tyr on the center. There were also a couple of bags full of trinkets left on the ground that the group decides not to take along. They spend a bit of time destroying the demon figures in an attempt to remove the evil vibe from the temple. They successfully get the guards out of the cavern, Barnstead even gives them some food since they were starving.

The group determines that the guards should be turned over to Leila at the Black Fist for debriefing so they all hop onto the ferry where Karst the ferryman was waiting for them. As the ferry hit the midway point of the journey the beacon at Sokol Keep suddenly turns on.

Leila is very appreciative of the adventurers success although none of them can say how they got the light working again. Sergeant Hurn appears to grab the guards and leaves with them in tow.  Leila offers the adventurers gold for their work and sends them on their way.

Immediately after leaving the office Roscoe tells the group he needs to take a walk and goes in search of his contact at Robin the Hood. Olisara Lightsong happily takes Igan’s journal mentioning that it will be returned to the rightful owner, even though Igan is dead. Roscoe then heads back to the Laughing Goblin Inn for some ale, conversation and sleep.  Goober takes advantage of the group separating to stop by the Cracked Crown Inn to see if Jamna Gleamsilver had left any assignments for him. The proprietor of the inn let him know that she had not and had actually left town for Greenest on a mission so she would be gone for awhile. He decides to stay for the evening, heading back to the Laughing Goblin Inn in the morning after a morning visit from the Cracked Crown proprietor for entertainment.

Barnstead used his free time to head out to a small temple in town that worships Moradin.  The temple had a couple of acolytes praying, some clerics cleaning and the priest up front worshipping at the altar.  The temple is pristine but the majority of the visitors appear to be dwarves. After a bit Barnstead heads back to the Laughing Goblin Inn to meet with the group.  

As morning breaks the group stops by the magic shop to find out about the wand they found of Igan’s.  It turns out to be a wand of magic detection so they decide to keep it. The shopkeeper asks Goober about Janma and seems concerned that she left town without stopping by the shop first.  Goober relays the information to the inn as the group heads back to the Laughing Goblin in and then meets them to decide what they want to do next.

As they sit back and drink ale Goober notices a lovely bard singing in the corner and goes over to say hello. She tells him the house she had been staying at has become unsafe and asks if he would be willing to go and clear out the magic stuff so she could continue living in peace.  He heads back to the table with her and convinces the other guys that it wouldn’t take too long as Barnstead wants to go visit Yovir at the cemetery. So they all head south for about an hour to come across a fantastic three story manor.

Mad Manor of Astabar

The house has a stone wall surrounding it that has been overgrown with vines but the group makes their way to the front door that when tapped with the magic detection wand lights up, leading the group to believe that it may be tricky to enter.  From behind them on the path they had created they hear loud snorting and feel the ground vibrate as a giant black rhino stomps angrily.

In a panic they open the door, finding out that it was not locked or blocked by any magic after all.  They close the door behind them to keep the rhino out and take a look around. A loud booming coming from a room under a stairwell draws attention and they go over to try to open up the door.  With each attempt the door is slammed back shut again until they finally get a good grip and yank it open. There was nothing in the room except a skull that on close inspection had a symbol carved in its head that represented the waxing crescent moon.  Goober goes ahead and picks it up to take it with them and heads across the space a small parlor with a jar of glowing violet liquid set on a table. He takes a sip to see if it is good and his tongue glows for a minute. Roscoe pours the rest of the liquid into his flask to save it in case they need it.  Goober sent his quasit ahead to scope out a couple rooms, he finds a dining space with headless skeletons, a parlor with a chess game going and a room with lovely butterfly decor including a jar with three live butterflies that also held a luxurious looking yellow gem. The group takes a closer look in the dining room where Roscoe grabs up some cutlery and candelabras to take back to town and they uncover eight platters, all of which are empty except one that had a skull with a third quarter moon symbol on it.

3rd Quarter Moon

They continue on to glance at the room with the chess table that appears to have an active game going on but the only other thing of value in that space was a large black vase that was empty.  The group heads to the butterfly room to see about taking the gem and as they lift up the jar, trying to contain the butterflies while getting the gem, the butterflies slide out and begin expanding to about four feet each.  They immediately attack and the group has to defend itself against vicious proboscis attacks. The butterflies impale Goober’s quasit only to end up smashed to smithereens.

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