Adventures in Phlan – Session 9

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Evening is approaching as the group decides to go back through the other floors to make sure that they didn’t miss anything.  Goober goes back to the room with the chessboard and makes the magical single move to put it into checkmate which opens up a drawer to release a skull. Having collected that and put it on the table the group takes another quick look around and after being confident all has been thoroughly searched, especially the picture of the moon in the dining area, they move up to the trapdoor to check out the attic.

Quispy checks out the space above the trapdoor, a small room with no windows and a single door.  After determining there is no threat they all go up and see a table with a candle and a body that looks just like Rivana, the woman who has asked for their help. They go ahead and light the candle, preparing for an attack and are pleasantly surprised when it just lights the space up. After seeing her body Rivana remembers that she was killed by a monster with a pointed tail that poisoned her.  Beside her body is a final skull that the group then immediately takes downstairs to put at the table. After a bit of rearranging the skulls are placed on the correct bodies which in turn opens up a secret hiding space through the picture in the wall that holds a small trove of treasures for the group to take.  

They return up to the attic to continue searching the space and discover an imp hiding past the small room in a large, cluttered space.  With Roscoe trailing closely behind the group blindly, they make it to the center of the space and put up the light ball to illuminate the room so they can have a better look. Quispy darts around searching for the imp who mocks the group, telling them they are going to die. After a search for evil in the room, the imp goes into the room with the body, not wanting an unfair fight. 

They see a door at the other end of the room with a metal keyhole and just happen to have found a key in the safe that fits perfectly.  The group sends Quispy in who sees a basic wizard lair with a bookshelf, chest and table with random ingredients laid out. There is a round table too. The group steps in and Roscoe and Goober attempt to open the chest and fail on the first round but Roscoe takes a second try and manages to get it open.  Inside they find some goodies and as Quispy finds that there is nothing interesting on the bookshelf he flies towards the table, disappearing as he nears it to an ethereal plane where he sees an enraged, hungry zombie who is dressed like a wizard. 

The group sees Quispy disappear and takes a closer look at the table which is holding a wand that looks kind of like a unicorn horn.  Goober picks it up and as he does, all the magic in the house related to the wand disappears. Even Quispy reappears in the space no worse for wear. Having cleared out the magic, Rivana has disappeared and the gang decides to keep the house for themselves so they don’t have to continue staying at the inn. They immediately head back to town as the rhino also has disappeared where they hire some help to clean the house and maintain it for 40 gp a month (per player). 

Goober heads to the Cracked Crown Inn, surprised that nothing has been heard from his contact, the innkeeper seems to think she is deep undercover or dead and recommends he head out west to check on her.  

The others head to the store to trade in gold for goodies and sell their junk. Roscoe then takes a moment to check in with Robin the Hood to find out that a young boy ran off with some dust of dryness that needs to be returned to its owner asap.  The kid was last seen going into the Laughing Goblin Inn. 

Meanwhile Barnstead takes a moment to pop by the temple where the priest tells him about an old ruin several days west of town that may have items of interest for his temple and war on orc kind. He also says he could use help in restored some of the older parts of this temple to get it back into pristine shape which Barnstead says he would be happy to help with.

As they meet back up, Barnstead points out the fliers they have been seeing where Yovir has been needing some help at the graveyard but Roscoe says they need to stop at the Inn first.  The barkeeper tells them that she hasn’t seen anyone however they are welcome to go downstairs and see.  

They send Quispy down the trapdoor and he doesn’t see anything concerning so the whole group heads down to be ambushed by a gang of hungry rats of a variety of sorts.  It is dark but Roscoe manages to aim true based on the sound of scurrying rats and gets a good shot in here and there. Goober uses his wicked Eldritich blast to show some rats a thing or two and after enjoying a rat meal himself, Quispy finds himself on the teethy end of a rat entering his stomach in chunks.  Barnstead gets off to a rocky start with some hits coming up short and a couple rats take advantage by trying to eat his head. He threw them off easily however and finally gets some smashing success, helping to clear the small area of the vermin. 

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