Adventures in Phlan – Session 10

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After seeing that the space was cleared, they tracked some small pieces of stale bread and cheese down a little hallway and sent Quispy into a closed area to look ahead and see if the room was worth going into.  He saw a warehouse with some barrels of food items and a book with a vial beside it but nothing else so the group decided to pass on it and move on down the pathway. As the path opened, it branched off into several directions beside a small creek and when they entered the area a loud bell style alarm started ringing for about 10 seconds. 

In that time, several strange look rats came from each direction straight at the group, ready to protect the cavern to the death if needed. Quispy flew in above to distract the rats by flying in their faces while Barnstead tried swinging his large weapon at them. Two of the rats had disgusting little eyeballs coming out from each side of their bellies and they used the eyes to shoot a ray right at Barnstead, hitting him viciously! Toby Fare (the true name of Goober) managed to push a rat back from the crowd and decided to stay out of the main line of action.  Roscoe let loose some arrows but decided fleeing would be best when the rats did not immediately die. After seeing the others backing away, Barnstead also flees rather than facing impending doom! The adventurers head back to up the trapdoor into the bar, sad that they couldn’t defeat the freakish rat creatures. Not to be put off, they decide instead to check in with Doomguide Yovir to see what he needs help with. 

Doomguide is very happy to see the adventurers as he is concerned that there may be an undead problem in the catacombs of the graveyard that he maintains.  Some of his loyal Kelemvorites have disappeared and though they have recently checked the newest parts of the catacombs, he thinks that there may be trouble further in. He sends his guide Cassyt with the group to give them light and some general aid if needed and they head into the crypts.  

The group sees that the crypts are all pretty common, basic burial spaces for the citizens of Phlan and as the enter the first chamber the section has a fresco of an old map of the catacombs themselves that Roscoe points out. It is heavily water damaged and old, giving the impression that it has been down there a long time.  The group passes on the banquet hall as they assume the Kelemvorites have already been through there. They continue down the main walkway and enter a hall that has a series of crypts that feature doorways locked with iron grates. Each one has a scene set up of normal daily life with richly dressed folks seated at tables or at writing desks, with each of the folks being of course, skeletons. 

Having been warned by Yovir and Cassyt not to steal from the dead as it could upset their families or bring the wrath of the Gods upon them they elect to pass through the hall and move on downwards further into the catacombs.  They send Quispy ahead to check a room off to the right and he sees a large pit full of bones and a couple of other small rooms with urns and other hanging bones so the group decides to enter and search more thoroughly. 

The pit itself is full of ancient bones but no clothing or jewels so it looks as if it might have a been cult related sacrificial area.  They carefully walk around the pit and Toby Fare sees two other rooms, one with rows upon rows of pottery animals made from the ashes of ground up bones.  The other room has thousands of disarticulated bones hanging by thin wires from the ceiling, not a single one touching another. 

Several corpses lay in the middle of that space having recently been ripped up by some ravenous creature. Toby Fare actually sees two ghouls lingering over them and decides to attack to get rid of them.  The group engages and Barnstead manages to smash both into goo relatively easily.  

They head back down the hallway to go further into the catacombs, walking down rickety, wooden stairs that look like they could quite easily fall apart at any time.  As the staircase ends, Toby Fare sees a statue of a four armed humanoid with insect like features holding a scroll, quill, skull in three hands and nothing in a fourth. It had eyes of jet stone that Toby of course pokes at. 

Further down that walkway a semi circular chamber is seen that is lined with nearly 100 loculi, each with bones of residents of Phlan.  There is a statue in the center of that space with four faces covered in mysterious runes. 

The group continues on and has Quispy check out another closed off room after hearing some shuffling sounds at the door.  He sees several forms moving around that look vaguely human but are bumping into another door in the room and so goes back to the group to see what they want to do.  They decided to open the door and take on the figures one at a time as the doorway is pretty narrow. After successfully annihilating the undead, they decided to take a closer look in the room.  They see some shackles bolted to the walls, an iron lockbox with five wooden stakes, a length of rope hanging from an open grate in the ceiling attached to a grappling hook and a short rusted iron bar on the ground. Quispy goes through the other closed door to see three scared individuals cowering and waiting to be rescued. They are a half-orc, elf and tiefling.  

The group is happy when the adventurers open the door to help them out and they mention they came to see if the crypts needed cleared out and got stuck when the zombies attacked and ended up sitting in that room for a couple days.  Roscoe doesn’t buy it and sees they are carrying what appears to be looted items and calls them out on it, which they deny to the end. The adventurers then decide to lock the group in the room and send Cassyt to get guards to take them to jail. 

 As she goes off, Toby Fare sends Quispy in to harass the group, trying to get them to drop the loot and give up.  They are insistent that the items are theirs and strike out when Quispy keeps trying to take their stuff. The guards finally show up and take the crew out of the crypts and while the adventurers give the grabbed trinkets to Cassyt to have them returned. Barnstead does a walk through and finds a flask with a bit of high quality ale in it and of course takes it with them as it was dropped by the orc and was not part of the catacombs treasures.

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