Adventures in Phlan – Session 11

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While Barnstead finished up his walkthrough of the space, Toby Fare decided to join the group that has just left with Quispy and ensure that they are actually turned over to the proper authorities  As he headed out, Doomguide Yovir sent two other adventurers down into the crypt with Cassyt to help keep clearing out the undead. Toby stopped by the Cracked Crown Inn to find out that no one has heard from Janma yet and the worry is escalating.  The bartender implored him to go west and find out what has happened to her so he went ahead and left a note for the group at the manor as well as at the Laughing Goblin Inn to let them know where he was going. He also arranged for a horse and buggy for the group so they could catch up as soon as possible.  Toby then leapt onto his horse with his pack and faithful familiar and road off to the wilderness. 

The group reassembled and Cassyt showed the new adventurers where Roscoe and Barnstead were so they could decide what to do from there. Lance Alot, the gnome cleric wasted no time and introduced himself immediately, letting them know he was on a quest to aid adventurers and wanted to help clear the tomb. Amadeaus the dragonborn ranger had seen Lance Alot and was interested to see where he was going and decided to assist as well.  With everyone on the same page the group re-inspected an obelisk in a small area and ascertained that it was covered in runes that talked about the dead in the room. Then they decided to continue down the stairs where they ran into a door.

Barnstead courageously opened it up and crept into the room slowly, Lance Alot not far behind. As they got all the way in, bones fell from the ceiling and plaster and dust filled the room. Skeletons started attacking and the group had to rally together to crush some skulls. 

Having taken the brunt of the damage, Barnstead was kindly healed a bit by Lance Alot before moving on to another stairwell. Off to the groups right, a large mummified statue with a crown sat and Lance Alot saw a compartment with weights, giving him the impression that there was more to this room than meets the eye. Amadeus wanted to inspect further as did Roscoe but Barnstead and Cassyt reminded the group that they were there for monsters and not treasures so the group decided to move on.

They decided to enter another doorway which led the group to a chamber full of zombies and kobolds.  As the zombies moved in to attack, Roscoe let an arrow fly immediately killing off a sleeping kobold and then the group annihilated the zombies. Their presence in the chamber being known, a red wizard Rorreth in the back area immediately begins packing up while the battle continues and as the group comes around the corner he leaps onto a teleportation circle and disappears, leaving some kobolds, a Thayan knight and a cultist to try to get rid of them.  

The cultist was rendered useless as his brains hit the wall when Amadeus shot him with a longbow. Roscoe used his wicked bow skills to do some serious damage to the Thayan knight who was in process of demolishing Lance Alot.  Cassyt, seeing that Lance Alot was in imminent danger, dragged his bleeding almost/probably corpse to the side and began some healing to rally him. Meanwhile the knight had turned his attentions to Barnstead who was doing his best to get rid of a couple kobolds, smashing gooey bits.  Lance Alot makes a wobbly attempt to throw his weapon, failing but the group manages to dispatch the rest in relatively good shape. 

They decided the threat on the tombs was gone and after a quick, not very in depth search of the wizards quarters, the group goes to inform Doomguide Yovir of their findings. Being pleased with the group for not thieving from the dead, he gives them a bonus and they decided to stop at the Laughing Goblin Inn to recuperate and have some ale. 

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