Adventures in Phlan/HOTDQ – Session 13

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When morning rose, the group swiftly wrapped up camp and began walking down the trail again, only to run into  Toby Fare with his trusty sidekick Quispy sitting on a boulder. His horse had been lost and he had been stuck walking on foot, allowing time for the group to catch up. After introductions, they continued moving down the trail where they ran across a large black bear caught in a trap.  Barnstead used his animam speaking skill to see if they could assist it and while the group listened to the bear growl, the bear was actually telling Barnstead to watch out for the thugs who had set the trap because they were still running around. As Barnstead relayed the message out of the woods a whole group of thugs dashed out.  With some savage back and forth with arrows flying and Quispy biting, the thugs were easily dispatched and Roscoe took a moment to pilfer through the dead for any goodies they may have. Toby, feeling quite congenial decided to bond with Lance as they continued on their journey, taking small moments to try to give his gear a shine.   Each of the newcomers took some time to share their stories with the group, explaining how circumstances had brought them all together.  

They continued traveling uneventfully for about three days, the third evening around 9 or so, they crested a hill and saw in the close distance that Greenest, the city they were traveling too, appeared to be under siege.  Plumes of smoke and fire filled the darkening sky and they could see small figures moving away from the city, whilst overhead a large, winged figure swooped around. The group deduced immediately that it must be a dragon, and while there was a suggestion about camping til daylight, the group decided to act quickly to help the townspeople. 

They rushed into the city and as they started down a pathway a family ran out in front of them, ambushed by a swarm of kobolds.  The wife turned to fight, broken spear in hand but the group intervened and told her she could stand in front of her family while they took care of the enemies.  Going into action the adventurers wasted no time in dispatching of the nasty kobolds, Amadeus used some magnificent dragon breath to blast most into burning char while the others pounded and shot away at the others.  

Upon success, the wife introduced herself as Linen Swift and told the heroes they should make their way to the keep with her family as that was the only place with enough protection to hold off the pillagers. As they made their way down the path, the shortest route to the keep, they ran into two more groups of attackers, crushing them with ease.  As the group got to the keeps door the villagers were excited to finally be out of harm’s way for the moment. 

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