Voice of Silence

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Ever so gently,

I will lay you down.

Down deep in the cold hard ground.

I will cry droplets of love for eternity,

After they separate you from me.

I will kiss your eye lids,

I will brush my fingers across your cheeks.

A flower will be laid at your stone,

From this moment until there are no more.

And though I turn away,

As the dirt is laid.

I will never forget,

What transpired here today.

Saying goodbye,

Isn’t a choice.

But I will give your silent heart,

A voice.

~In Memory of my dearest Elizabeth~


Never Satisfied

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Deception creeping this way,

Celebrating silently as he worms his way along.

Wrapping tentacles of doubt softly around small ankles,

Climbing ever so slowly upwards.

Emanating horrors that are beyond the normal scope of imagination,

Gleefully digging deep planting the seeds of destruction and spreading.

Until an eruption of chaos that cannot be fathomed,

An explosion of loathing blasted throughout.

A birthing of epic malevolence,

And yet, anti-climatic.

Deception, moving on to the next victim,

Never satisfied.

Never Satisfied

Break the Chain

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Break the Chain

*Break the Chain*

My heart reaches to you in a time that you won’t need it.

I feel pain for you but you won’t believe it.

I wish that I could take your place but you won’t know it.

I am caught in your despair but you don’t see it.

You carry your pain all alone.

You can’t acknowledge the ones who are here for you.

You just move on in your solitude and agony.

Tearing up a path of self destruction.

Tearing up a road of rage.

Tearing up a life of pain.

There is more for you.

There is more for us.

There is more for all.

Behind the Smoke

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You aren’t on the jury,

You don’t decide.

It’s not ok to blow up outside.

You light, light, light the fire,

You burn, burn, burn with hate.

But the resolution won’t change,

The verdict is the same.

Open your eyes and see the truth,

The only one breaking things now is you.

Innocent people suffering,

For your illusion of a slight.

But keep on striking the match,

And see what destruction you can hatch.


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Evading the truth,

Blocking your path.

Broken faucets,

Of memories past.

A quiet stillness,

The hope of more.

Committing not to digress,

Letting you soar.

Falling to pieces,

Shattered bits of brick.

This house will come down now,

I have no more tricks.

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Lost in Spaces

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In the grey sublime,

I saw you.

Through the swirling mist,

I heard you.

Reaching my arm into the wet,

I felt you.

Twirling in a circle,

I missed you.

Falling to the ground,

I cried for you.

And here I lay now,

Waiting for you.