Grace Wins

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I love listening to tunes when I take my 7 year old daughter to school every morning and this is one that she sings along with, so adorable!

Upwards Cheer

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Voice of Silence

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Ever so gently,

I will lay you down.

Down deep in the cold hard ground.

I will cry droplets of love for eternity,

After they separate you from me.

I will kiss your eye lids,

I will brush my fingers across your cheeks.

A flower will be laid at your stone,

From this moment until there are no more.

And though I turn away,

As the dirt is laid.

I will never forget,

What transpired here today.

Saying goodbye,

Isn’t a choice.

But I will give your silent heart,

A voice.

~In Memory of my dearest Elizabeth~

Journey of Motherhood

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I stand before you, a woman,

A mother.

Your mother.

I carried you within my innermost being,

For so long.

I waited,

I was patient,

I was impatient.

I knew you before you knew you.

I still know you.

I am the part of you that will never go.

I will give you everything.

My heart,

My soul,

The wisdom of a lifetime.

And you will reject it.

For you are a child,

My child.


And stubborn.

I will be nothing to you.

Until you too,

Become a mother.

And then you will see,

You will understand,

And it will complete you.

Be My Shadow

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As a shadow I carry you with me,

Through my journey of life.

I am attached to you.

As if we are one,

As we were one.

Torn from my side I can only dream.

And stare into the darkness that is my world.

Reaching to you always,

But one can never touch their shadow can they?

A never-ending torment that I will endure.


Because the shadow of you,

Is all I am left with.

Be My Shadow

Ode to a Mother

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Her hair blowing softly in the wind,

She shines with the glistening hope,

Of youth.

Dawn breaking over the horizon,

She walks forward into a new day a

Fresh start.

The future of a universe,

Riding quietly beneath her shoulders,

Setting forth.

Unaware of potential burden,

She glides triumphant,

Ever forward.

Ode to a Mother

Bluebonnets and sweet kids!

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Emileen and Nicolas


Emileen  Nicolas



Emileen and Nicolas

Emileen and Nicolas