Live It

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Live It


Live It

If you were to say to me,

Tomorrow will not come.

I don’t think I would be able to finish,

All that I want done.

My list just keeps on growing,

So much to do and see,

I want to try so many things

So much that I could be.

So ’til my ending moments,

‘Til the final breath.

I will enjoy what you have given,

I will live it to my death.


~ Aimee Wahl 2016 ~





Sweet Sunshine

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Drifting slowly across a bed of thorns,

Waiting always for the breaking storm.

Here it is coming up with speed,

The wind is growing, its movement a need.

And I am in awe.

The rain it dribbles, bouncing in rivulets,

The coolness of the droplets soaking in no diluent.

Dropping harder now brick-like in weight,

The drops change to daggers nothing to sate.

And I am in pain.

Bringing black clouds bounding in layers,

The storm drives right through forcing out prayers.

Un-heeding of target it crashes around,

The wind, the rain one blasting of sound.

And I am in fear.

Without a farewell, a goodbye or adieu,

The rain dissipates leaving the world anew.

Shift in the clouds and above a fresh sign,

The delicious radiation of sweet sunshine.

And I am in bliss.

Soul on Fire – Third Day

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This is the kind of song I just love to hear as I drive my little one to school in the mornings. Even more uplifting is listening to my toddlers sing along.  What joy!  Thanks Third Day for your passion!

David Dunn – Have Everything

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I live by this what this song says.  Every day is a new day to give everything that I have to God.  That isn’t always easy, because he does take, but oh the rewards, the knowledge that Heaven is waiting for me, so worth it!

Shoulders – for King & Country

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Just a beautiful piece.

I Watched You Save a Child

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I watched you save a child today,

With that soft spoken demeanor,

That free-spirited radiance.

It was beautiful and impressive.

I watched as they lay dying,

Begging for help so quietly,

Not knowing how bad it was.

How permanent their choices were.

Watched as you reached out to them,

As you filled them with your spirit,

As life leaped in their direction.

I saw the light in their eyes going out,

Slowly dimming out in a grey puddle of mist,

And restarting.

I watched as you wrapped them up in your arms,

And carried them to safety.

And as I watched I was overcome,

With such compassion and love.

That now I want to see you save another one,

And another one,

And another……

I saw you save a child