Upwards Cheer

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Bluebonnets and sweet kids!

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Emileen and Nicolas


Emileen  Nicolas



Emileen and Nicolas

Emileen and Nicolas

An Elf and His Nail Polish

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Yesterday upon finding Bob, our adopted Elf on the Shelf, dumping a pile of crayons onto the floor, my daughter was pretty quick to have his back. When I mentioned that he heard her say “colors colors everywhere,” she told me he must have been listening to her during reading time and didn’t know she was just reading, not giving him instructions.

Again, I gave her the benefit of the doubt. This poor elf on the shelf appears to be completely misunderstanding Emileen, so then today as we are waking up from nap time and waiting for school to be over, here is what I found –

Bob Elf on Shelf

Not only is he using NAIL POLISH on my carpet, but he is WEARING on of Em’s Christmas bows……let’s see how he gets out of trouble this time! Errrrrr………

Cutest Armadillo Ever!

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Take a look at the adorable armadillo ever! Lol! (It takes a second for the link to load, since it was a facebook video so don’t give up immediately!)

Facing Tomorrow

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Face to face with the mirror again.

Seeing what I’ve become,

From what I have been.

So much to change,

So much growing to do.

Not even halfway done,

But still failing you.

Each day is so fresh,

Starting out so bright.

But I’m exhausted and broken,

By the end of the night.

It takes so much effort,

To give the little I have.

But for you I continue,

Promised grace my salve.

There is a goal that I must reach,

There is a promise that I must teach.

I just keep pushing on,

Whether I fail or succeed.

More failings than wins.

But please don’t give up on me,

Let me do what I can,

To bring honor to Your name.

I am, in comparison to Your holiness,

Merely a woman.

Facing Tomorrow

Elf Shenanigans!

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Well something crazy happened today!

Emileen came home the other day from school talking about the Elf on the Shelf that her teacher had in the classroom and has been so excited about it showing up in different places that she got me excited too! I am someone who despises the idea of an inanimate object spying on you for any reason, but Emileen has made him sound so playful and fun that despite my original reservations I jumped on board this wonderful Elf idea…..

So last night we went out shopping for a special Elf to adopt in our own home.  I know what your thinking, “Aimee, bringing a spy into your home? That is just crazy!” But I think a friendly, sweet little Elf buddy is just what my kids may need to bring the magic of Christmas to our house.  After searching a couple of stores, there he was – Bob.  The perfect little Elf for our home. So we adopted him and put him up on top of the television last night.

For those of you who don’t know, the Elf on the Shelf cannot be touched by little children or else they lose their magic, so I put him up high so as to not tempt my sweet little ones. 🙂

He sat there nicely all night long, and when Nicolas and I laid down for our nap he was behaving perfectly well on top of the television…..until after nap time…..

That was when we found out that not all Elves are well-behaved….one of my biggest no-no’s in this house is to play in water unless it is bath time or outside time.  Tsk Tsk…..

Naughty Elf

I wonder what other kinds of fun Bob has in store for use this month, and if Emileen and Nicolas are going to want him to visit again next year….

Christmas Craft Show – San Antonio Freeman Coliseum

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Every year, since moving to Texas, I have been able to go to the Christmas Craft Show in San Antonio at the Freeman Coliseum, and it went on this weekend. This year was super fun because as my parents and I get out of the car in the parking lot it is POURING. Rain in Texas….hahahahhhahah…..anyhow we got inside the building only half-melted and this year the area used for the show was smaller than the previous years which is sad. So I decided as we walked along that I would grab a few cards and give a shout out for these small business owners who came out during the rainy, rain to sell their fun crafts.

Bear with me here, I grabbed quite a few cards! LOL – These are listed in NO particular order, I liked most of them and they all have something that SOMEONE out there may want/need so check out their websites!

1. Belinda Green was selling jewelry, like charms –

2. Jasper Rowell was selling novelty items that he would engrave for you – DiamondBack Engraving

3. Mary and Ronnie Day were selling clothing for all kinds of occasions – Lucy Lockets Pockets

4. Jorge specializes in R/C vehicles – Platinum Hobbiez

5. Annette Pletcher was selling neat clothing – Cowgirl Country

6. Marissa Perez had skull items  – Crafts From Mars

7. Sylvia Tijerina was showcasing some vintage style rustic items – Urban Rustic Market 

8. Audra Koch offered traditional and unique products – TeGar-den Farms

9. Leslee Williams had some fantastic sand art – Sand Creations

10. Anna Price was selling fused glass jewelry – Aesthetic Designs

This was only a small portion of the many, many stands and items that were set up for people to check out. The majority were locally owned businesses who make their items here in the states.  It is nice to go to craft shows where you can find unique items for gifts while supporting the talents of local businesses.  I recommend checking out their sites and taking time to go to craft shows in your area, you never know when you will find the perfect items!

Feel free to share these links with friends and family who may be searching for fun things to buy as well!Freeman Coliseum