Just a Little Cat and Mouse

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Everyone Deserves a Cuddlebear!

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Bella Tanning Like a Boss

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Tanning like a Boss

I love my Bella!

Cutest Armadillo Ever!

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Take a look at the adorable armadillo ever! Lol! (It takes a second for the link to load, since it was a facebook video so don’t give up immediately!)

Need a Laugh? Kittie’s Always Make Me Giggle

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Kitties are hysterical!

Jenga Playing Cat

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Here is my video for today – how adorable is a cat that can play Jenga?! I find it completely wonderful! Love, love, love!

Adopt a Kitty

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Adopt a Kitty

Old kitties need love too, and if you adopt one who has been around awhile you don’t have to worry about the kitten crazies because they have already grown out of that stage! This tabby is ready to play so if you have been looking for a furry friend make sure to check out your Animal Defense Leagues, or Animal Care Services before going to a mill.