Sweet Sunshine

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Drifting slowly across a bed of thorns,

Waiting always for the breaking storm.

Here it is coming up with speed,

The wind is growing, its movement a need.

And I am in awe.

The rain it dribbles, bouncing in rivulets,

The coolness of the droplets soaking in no diluent.

Dropping harder now brick-like in weight,

The drops change to daggers nothing to sate.

And I am in pain.

Bringing black clouds bounding in layers,

The storm drives right through forcing out prayers.

Un-heeding of target it crashes around,

The wind, the rain one blasting of sound.

And I am in fear.

Without a farewell, a goodbye or adieu,

The rain dissipates leaving the world anew.

Shift in the clouds and above a fresh sign,

The delicious radiation of sweet sunshine.

And I am in bliss.


Giving of a Heart

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You betray me, you palpitating scourge,

Daring me to let out what most desperately needs to stay in.

You shock me with your vengeance,

Oozing that thick red sustenance you call life.

Letting me drip, drip, drip,

Through my fingertips.

Onto the hard, glossy tiles.

They don’t want your gift of doom,

Your coagulating bitterness.

I can feel your delight in skipping a beat,

That desire you have to slow,

Slow interminably.

Forcing me to an untoward finish,

A finish I don’t want.

I won’t give in,

I won’t…

Watch Out for Puss Caterpillars!

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This past week a student from Reagan High School in San Antonio was sent to the emergency room after being bitten by a puss caterpillar.  These caterpillars look absolutely adorable but happen to be one of the country’s most venomous of the species.  As it turns out, there seem to be a few of them wandering around right now and have been spotted at several San Antonio schools.

So for those of you with children, please make sure to warn them not to be touching these cute little beasts as it could endanger them to the point of death. Yep, for those that are allergic it can trigger anaphylaxis, pain/difficulty breathing/ possible death.  Even for those who are not allergic, it still hurts a lot!

Here is a photo of these lil guys that have been wandering around San Antonio, so you know what to NOT pet, because if you are anything like me, when you see a cute furry creature it is almost impossible to not reach out and cuddle!

Puss Caterpillar

There are a variety of colors that they have from gray to brown, but their shape is the same – so if you see a tear drop shaped caterpillar leave it alone! The most adorable ones are often the most dangerous to deal with.

Giving Away the Ending

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He asked for freedom and ran with it.

Taking the reigns his heart flew on,

In the natural progression of growing attributes.

He took to the world like a child to candy,

Each passing moment bringing yet another poignant thrill.

A multitude of minutes he never wanted to forget.

He met a girl, a woman, a goddess,

Introduced her to his freedom and she joined him.

In all that was his, she stuck to him, like glue to paper,

He created a million more memories.

In a flash, in a second.

Until one day,

He entered the gray,

And all of the freedom he had was taken away.

Those joyful trivialities to which he was accustomed,

He no longer cared about.

For his heart was in it no more,

The ending given away,

Before the story was finished.

For freedom is fleeting,

As is life. As was her life.

The Importance of Socks

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I stood in the grass today,

Toes bared, wiggling.

Despite the chill in the air,

My feet cried for freedom,

And the grass called for wiggly toes.

Of course I had to give in and remove my flip flops.

For the call of the green grass,

Cannot be ignored.

But now as I wiggle my toes,


The cold is creep, creeping in.

And I wonder why,

Why oh why?

Did I not wear socks today??

Ineptitude Lies

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Caustic and confused.

Berated and bruised.

She spends her days alone,

Swimming through a sea of abuse.

Shimmering throughout,

Grating in the valleys.

She wanders in a thickness,

Of desperate curiosity.

Her golden locks,

Weaving a story of destitution.

She stands alone in a jungle,

Of misinterpreted dreams.

Is all for naught?

The rhetorical unknown.

She continues in the night,

Crushed by the weight.

The weight of her burden,

Burden of her truth.

Of exclusive impropriety

And lies.

Ineptitude Lies

Rhetoric Of a Man, Dancing With the devil

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Rhetoric Of a Man, Dancing With the devil

Rhetoric Of a Man, Dancing With the devil

I let you in,
I let you see me.
The genuine,
Everything is what you asked for.
All of me.
And as if you had done so before,
You enticed the darkness.
The shadow lurking,
Drew it out of me slowly.
And when I finally exposed it,
The part that no one sees,
Did you still love me?
Did you not embrace it?
Did you not dance slowly through time,
As if it was meant to be?
As if you desired my beast,
More than anything in the world.
And now,
Watching you lie there,
Shattered beneath the weight,
Of my dark burden,
Are you fulfilled?
Is my darkness what you needed?
Do you understand now,
Why I keep it locked deep,
In a chest of horrors,
That no one truly desires?