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Boxing, No Really!

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My husband Scott has been watching boxing at night as we go to sleep, I can’t really complain because at least I am not dreaming about the usual horror movie stuff he enjoys falling asleep to. But boxing really makes no sense to me.

I do enjoy a good UFC (mixed martial arts) fight, they get to do a lot of different fighting moves but with boxing all I am seeing is some guy get hugged and pummeled in the head until he is knocked out. The only skill I am picking up on is whoever swings the hardest and fastest wins the game.

So I have taken this information in, and decided to become the WII boxing champion in our house, because as we ALL know, video games are JUST LIKE REAL LIFE! 🙂 Last night we did a little boxing tournament that I SQUASHED everyone, including my husband who likes to brag that he was an amateur boxer back in the day. My strategy? Close my eyes and punch straight in front of me at hyper-speed until the other player (husband and children, that’s right, NO MERCY!) are knocked-out!

After beating him consecutively, four or five times, Scott quit. Yep, because he is a quitter! Apparently I take the fun out of the fight since all I do is go in and fight…lol!

So all in all, I have learned absolutely nothing about the entertained value of boxing aside from the WII fun of slaughtering all in my range. But I did feel really bad for two of the boxers I saw last night who both shared my strategy (go in hitting hard and fast – 0 defense) and it was a blood bath. Which is why I would never REALLY box. I am not interested in bleeding for sport. Or at all really.

Jumping Rope – Delightful!

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So my daughter who happens to be left-handed (like me) just figured out how to jump-rope this weekend…but instead of going forwards she jumps backwards. I am so impressed I had to show her off! 🙂 *Proud Mom Moment*

Sochi and the Skiers/Snowboarders

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So, my very favorite part of the Olympics is always figure skating – there is an ice princess that lives in my heart that just comes out and cheers when I watch them, but I have to give some props to the skiers and snowboarders that I have seen this year.

I am an interactive viewer – I have a tendency to put myself (imaginatively) into the shoes of whatever I watch, so on the Mystery shows I am a detective, on the Mickey Mouse cartoons I am Daisy Duck etc….so I was watching some skiing last night and BRRR.

Just imagining that searing wind blasting my face as a I attempt to maneuver down a hill, on a specific pathway gives me the highest respect for those actually toughing out the elements to perform major athletic feats.  I have skied before, and I was adequate – not anything to write home about but I managed to not embarrass myself tooooo badly so I do have some idea of how the snow is underneath the skies, how the poles feel in my hands, how CRAZY cold it is.

But watching the athletes directing their ski’s so proficiently, and pushing so aggressively downwards really made me think about the difficulties that they endure to get to where they are. It is an insane amount of work and it only takes one small mistake to completely ruin their dreams, not only that but they are seriously endangering their lives to prove their phenomenal abilities.

So thank you athletes, you fantastic skiers/snowboarders that have risked your lives to show the world in Sochi, the wonderful skills that you have worked so hard to gain – I hope that you all get to spend the rest of your lives doing what you do best!

In Family Sports Basketball News!

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Yesterday, I was a small part of my brother, Tyler’s history.  It is wonderful to be a part of someone’s life who has so much of a positive influence on those around him. In the past four years of his basketball career, Tyler has been a leader, a student, a player and the many other things that go along with being a young adult in our society today and I couldn’t be prouder to be able to call him my brother.

He had his Senior Recognition moment at his home game yesterday and what would a farewell be without fun photos? Image

Daddy and Nicolas got to enjoy a little popcorn while we had our cheering fun!


And we can’t leave out the leading ladies of this bloggers life – Me and my lovely Emileen!


We got to cry as the boys (men really) got to have their moment.


Notice how sneaky this crier (me) was in photo placement. Sorry but I can’t do these things without those Not So Pretty tears!Image

And on with the game! It was action packed as they all are and they kept the score close the whole time.Image

The band even came with party on the brain – the tuba section did a wonderful little dance for us!


Of course, no game is complete without our Roadrunner and his shenanigans!


And they finished with a bang, and a win! Although Tyler did not get to play on this special day – because of a bad back injury- it was wonderful to be able to watch the team he has been so close to play for a final round on his home court. I can only hope that his success as a student and athlete is a mere foreshadowing of his future career in life.  I love you Tyler Wood.


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After all the bad sportsmanship that I had remarked on during the NFL games this past season, I wanted to point out some good to balance it all out.  I have been watching the Winter Olympics this year, and the athletes are quite wonderful as always. But last night as I watched I was thoroughly impressed by the men doing the half-pipe as they competed.

As many of you know, Sean White, from the U.S.,  has had two running golds in this event and was expected to take home another because, well, he is an impressive snowboarder!  But this year his performance was left wanting and he came in 4th.  When Iouri Podladtchikov, from Switzerland, won – the surprise on his face was evident.  And instead of standing up and pulling a “Sherman”  he and Sean hugged, Sean adamantly praising Iouri’s performance over and over again and Iouri bashfully accepting that he had the better run.  Both of them when interviewed gave the other compliments and praise on their athletic abilities.  Sean was a graceful loser, and Iouri a graceful winner.

To me, THIS is the kind of sporting attitude I want my children to see. Yes, it sucks that Sean lost and I am positive that he is beating himself up about it over and over again – but he handled the loss like a PRO.  And it is awesome to win, I am positive that Iouri is screaming his head off about how great it is to get a gold, but he handled that win like a PRO.  That is the way I want my children to grow up thinking about sportsmanship.  Grace and poise!  Rant done! 🙂


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The glint of the light off the blade,

The ice before you laid.

The swish as you glide,

Grace, beauty, poise, pride.

The arc of your arms smooth and round,

The tilt of your head, barely missing the ground.

The wind on your face as you pick up speed,

The twist of your body, fulfilling your need.

Sparkles, glitter, posture, slope.

The art of your sport giving out hope.

The spinning delight, as low as you can,

The height in your leap as you reach out your hand.

The smiles, so brilliant, bowing at the end,

The joy of watching you in figure-skater-land.