See You Again – Carrie Underwood

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Yep, Carrie Underwood has got one of the most fantastic voices that I have ever heard, and I am sure that this is one that most of you are familiar with but it brings tears to my eyes every time I hear it. Just beautiful.


Silly Cats

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This is my silly cat!


He Loves to cuddle!


But only with me!


It takes him awhile to get to his very Favorite cuddle spot.


But then he sleeps for ages! ROFL silly cat.

Following Up

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Because this story is one that is local to my area I wanted to give a little update about Leanne Bearden.  Now, if you read my first article on her, she is the example that I have mentioned to everyone that gives women a reason to NOT GO JOGGING. EVER! She disappeared after allegedly going on a jog.

In this follow up article the ‘family’ (I am assuming very-guilty-looking husband) have told everyone that there is a strong possibility that she just ran off and found somewhere else to be, because she didn’t want to be back in the U.S.  This I find VERY hard to believe. The majority of Americans that I know have NO problem letting the people around them – friends and family alike- know when they dislike something and are leaving. They don’t cloak and dagger themselves by saying they are jogging to disappear and then remain completely out of touch so the people that care about them more than anyone on the planet can FREAK out and fall apart.

It is an unlikely scenario and one that leads me to realllllllllly want to point my finger at this family and say, “WTH?” but since she hasn’t shown up, whatever story they concoct is the reality they get to live with.  Is it really easier to think that your loved one would rather run away from you because she can’t stand to be around you than to think that some bad guy got ahold of her? Either way it is a lose, lose but I would be more inclined to push the bad guy theory so that the world will continue searching for her.

All of this, of course, is my completely uneducated opinion, I don’t know the people in this case personally – I am just going off of what has been written about them.

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How Blessed

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There is no greater freedom,
Than what I find in you.
Because of all you’ve done for me,
There is no end to what I can do.
No simple task no simple feat,
Made my freedom so complete.
You took my life upon your head,
Hung on that cross, blood running red.
You stood tall in face of adversaries,
For the world, oh what a rarity.
Looking now at how blessed I am,
I wish the world would understand.
The truth behind what you have done,
For our freedom you gave your son.

*by Aimee Wahl 2013*

I thought this would be a fitting Sunday poem post! 🙂

Rapunzel’s Tower

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Rapunzel's Tower

When I imagine Rapunzel’s Tower this is what I see, minus the elevator of course. Then I wonder how impossibly long her hair would have to be……wonderful!


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I am an old-school fan of the Beatles, for obvious reasons – they elicited some of the most beautiful music of an entire generation. Ahhhh….so here is a beautiful one.

He Was Left Behind

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He Was Left Behind – By Aimee Wahl

He loves her,

He loves her and she left him.

And now he sits and rocks his life away,

Rocking in that old chair.

That old chair where she sat beside him,

She sat beside him and smiled.

He mourns her,

He mourns her as if she were his own life.

And now he sits, and rocks his life away,

Crying in that old chair.

That old chair where she laughed beside him.

He needs her,

He needs her and she is gone anyway.

And now he sits, and rocks his life away,

Dying in that old chair,

That old chair where she died beside him.


* I am in process of finishing up my second book – so feel free to leave some feedback on the poems that I am putting up!!! Thanks!*