Caramel – Apple Crazy!

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My children and I just made this caramel-apple mess and it looked too delicious to not show a photo!


It smelled soooo good, and the kids were very proud of their work! (Yes, my son happens to be wearing his sister’s clothes…gotta love 3 year old individuality! :))



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This article is just heartbreaking. What can be wrong with a child that the only answer to a situation is to kill another one? I just don’t understand how that can be a resolution to such a small problem. Why is it that people now seem to just straight to the extremes instead of dealing with their issues rationally? I am not usually an activist for children being tried as adults but in this case I would definitely support the 1st degree murder charge and trying her as an adult. She stabbed the poor child more than 30 times!  Ugh.  I feel so terrible for everything that her family is about to go through and the family of the little victim.  Such a waste.

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Desensitizing the World

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As I was listening to some comedian on television last night I couldn’t help thinking about how we are all being completely desensitized to things that we should never ever take lightly. There are a million things in this category of course, but last night it was drugs that the comedian brought up – talking about how they got high right before the show. Now whether or not that was a joke is not the point.

The point is we are breeding the idea that we can laugh about recreational use of ILLEGAL drugs, that we can laugh about killing/murder, that we can laugh about discrimination/racism, that we can laugh about all kinds of things that are just horrible. Laughter is a coping mechanism and lightens our hearts and we can’t live without humor but I don’t see the point in making jokes of out of  such serious things.

We wonder about the escalation of negativity in society and mock people who would embrace a more conservative outlook, but is it really so wrong to want to evolve by embracing our values instead of degenerating into a mess of destruction and hatred? I know it seems extreme to think that some random person on television could be responsible for something like that, however, when it is the majority of people who are influencing all the decisions we make, I don’t really think it is so far-fetched.

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Dazed Zoning

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Dazed Zoning

I just love when my son looks at me like he has no clue what I am talking to him about….I am one lucky Mom!

More Football Mania

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So after being so disappointed in my Panthers and the 49ers game attitudes the other day, I was all set to watch the Seattle Seahawks beat down the 49ers this week.  Until the end of the game when Sherman opened up his mouth.

“Well, I’m the best corner in the game!” is what Sherman actually shouted.  “When you try me with a sorry receiver like Crabtree that’s the result you’re gonna get!  Don’t you ever talk about me!”

“Who was talking about you?” Andrews (the interviewer) asked.

“Crabtree!  Don’t you open your mouth about the best!  Or I’m gonna shut it for you real quick!”

SERIOUSLY?!?!?!? GROW UP! Now instead of being excited to see the Seahawks in the superbowl I want to see the Broncos crush the bad attitude out of Sherman.  When did good sportsmanship get thrown out of the window? I would never EVER want to see my kid on national television after WINNING a game talking about themselves and others like that, I don’t care how much of an ‘adult’ he is. It is extremely disappointing!

Worn – Tenth Avenue North

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Worn – Tenth Avenue North

As I was coming home tonight from spending time with my family, whom I adore this song came on the radio and I just loved it. I really enjoy music a lot and this song really mixes the lyrics and the instrumentation exceptionally well together. It is one that I think most of us can relate to as everyday there seems to be more work and less appreciation – it really wears down a soul.

Ideas Given to Our Youth

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I just finished reading an article talking about a poster that was up at a middle school that happened to list out all kinds of ways that people express their sexual feelings. Now, both of my children are very young still, but I couldn’t help thinking of how completely grossed out I would be if my kids were seeing that everyday as they walked to class. People rant and rave about how bad magazines are with their skinny models and how bad T.V. is with it’s morally degenerative ideas and yet it is OK to introduce every possible method of intercourse to an 8th grader.  REALLY?!?! Now, many of you would say “They are gonna do it all anyway it’s better if they know” but I am one of those old-fashioned gals that thinks, LET THEM FIND OUT ON THEIR OWN!

I don’t mean find out the entire thing on their own of course, kids need to know what sex is but they don’t need to know the ten million ways to interact sexually before they are even out of diapers. (Yes, I am feeling a bit sarcastic….)  Intimate relationships are supposed to be new, exciting, and mysterious – but in today’s society there is nothing left to the imagination. We are taking away the true thrill to a relationship by over informing kids – many that haven’t even hit puberty yet.  I am no expert but to me, this just seems wrong.

Here is the link to the article I referenced!