Football Mania

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Panthers Logo

Ok, so I am a Carolina Panthers fan…Yay! Anyhow, this season has been a great one for them and up until yesterdays game I was pretty proud to be a fan.  However, based on their completely unprofessional game playing against the 49’ers, I find that I am absolutely disappointed in them.  It is incredible to me how quickly people can forget that they are playing a game that an entire world of kids and adults alike are watching. What kind of an example are you setting for your fan base if you start a fight just because the other team is being mean? That is no way to be.  And I am not saying the 49’ers acted any better, because they didn’t. If you ask me both teams should have lost because there was more jerkiness than game play going on. I am supposed to be entertained during the playoffs, not flabbergasted by childish behavior.  Get your act together boys and do better next season.

Red Ticket

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You spent your whole life working just to get the red ticket,

The door in the face.

What are you gonna do now? What was all that wasted effort for?

Hating everyone you work with, hating what you do.

Nothing to show for all that effort.

Just a door in the face.

You invested sweat and blood,

Tears, and pain.

Nothing brought in, nothing gained.

Just a solid door in the face.

All that time, all those years.

Hiding behind wasted fears.

But you invested, you stayed,

Under-appreciated, underpaid.

Just to get that solid, oak, door in the face.

Was it worth it?

*By Aimee Wahl 2013

What Defines You?

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I just watched this video – someone had shared it on my facebook feed and I happened to watch it and it really is enlightening.  I happen to be one of those women out there blessed with a crazy metabolism that keeps me looking *skinny*. The visual dream I suppose but for me it comes with its own set of burdens but I certainly can’t complain at all. I am very blessed – and so are you.  This is a great life, a great planet and we all have the opportunity to look in the mirror and know how blessed we are.

My Queen of the Pumpkin Patch

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My Queen of the Pumpkin Patch

As a biast mother I have to say, my Emileen is lovely.

Morbid Moment

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Drove past a cemetery last night and I couldn’t help stopping and thinking about death in general for a bit.  It is really strange to me to think that my entire existence will someday be broken down to a single sentence on a tombstone, that literally no one is going to care about 50 years from now.  How many of us actually go to our ancestors cemetery plots and spend time thinking about them?

So after a good round of self-pity I expanded that thought to the entire world. Most of our population, minus the few who have actually contributed memorable things to the planet will be forgotten.  Knowing that all the work that you go in and do everyday – 40+ hours a week at a desk or whatever it is you have to do, it all comes down to a sentence on a tombstone.  Yep, morbid I know.  So knowing that we are all so absolutely unimportant in the grand scheme of things my priorities are finding themselves realigning.  Maybe instead of trying for that meaningless nonsense of the world of careers and money we should be focusing on the things that really matter. Family, love, life in general.  My children.

Just a Weather Thing

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So, surprise, surprise, I am not originally from Texas – in fact, I am from Iowa so I know what real nose freezing, eye burning, can’t breathe because there is no heat going to your lungs, cold is.  And right now I am laughing at my fellow Texans….Yes laughing….the last couple of days has been cold indeed, staying in the 30’s, in fact my washing machine did not really want to start today because it was feeling chilly.  But to see the way Texas panics when a chill comes in adds a bit of humor to my morning, especially when all over the news the north is filled with genuine, sickly, freezing temperatures.  Sorry Texas, today I can’t brag about you, man-up and turn on the heat!


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by Aimee Wahl

I can feel the waves around me, 
Crashing through my head.
Nothing here is real,
Identifiable, just pretend.
I can smell the salt of water, 
That isn’t even there.
I can feel the suffocation,
Of a course that is so rare.
My destiny preludes me,
In the taste of ocean sand.
I open up my eyes to find, 
That I am on dry land.
Despite my revolutions,
In a world of my design.
I am alone in my reflections,
Of the bitterness sublime.
I bequeath to you the knowledge, 
Of the depths of the unreal.
Stay the course and someday this salt water, 
Is what you too may feel.


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