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Ok, so I am a Carolina Panthers fan…Yay! Anyhow, this season has been a great one for them and up until yesterdays game I was pretty proud to be a fan.  However, based on their completely unprofessional game playing against the 49’ers, I find that I am absolutely disappointed in them.  It is incredible to me how quickly people can forget that they are playing a game that an entire world of kids and adults alike are watching. What kind of an example are you setting for your fan base if you start a fight just because the other team is being mean? That is no way to be.  And I am not saying the 49’ers acted any better, because they didn’t. If you ask me both teams should have lost because there was more jerkiness than game play going on. I am supposed to be entertained during the playoffs, not flabbergasted by childish behavior.  Get your act together boys and do better next season.