Big Cats, Wild Dogs Surprisingly Get Along in India

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Tigers, leopards and wild dogs are known to attack each other ferociously, but in parts of India the carnivores seem to be peacefully co-existing.

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Just a Little Cat and Mouse

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Adorable Kittiness!

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Fun Animal video of the day! Love those kitties! (This is a facebook video, so again, it may take a moment to load for you!)

Need a Laugh? Kittie’s Always Make Me Giggle

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Kitties are hysterical!

What Can Unite Furry Friends?

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So my daughter has been asking for something for a long time now and she is such a great kid that I just had to comply. So this weekend we went out and about and found a way to unite our cat and dogs in a bond that will last….well for the moment….lol


Now I am sure you are wondering, what would make my animals stand still so nicely – together- long enough to get a photo, hahahhahahah!

Let me introduce you to the cause – Fluffy and Fuzzy


Our two newly acquired bunny rabbits! Fluffy is the black and white lil guy – we got him from a pet shop (Pet Supplies Plus) and he is just a few months old.  And since he was the last one there and Nicolas was determined to NOT be left out of the bunny fun, Scott went to Polly’s Pet Shop for Fuzzy the brown one.  Fuzzy is actually a rescue from the ACS, they work with Polly’s to save animals rather than purchasing from a breeder so we don’t know how old she is but she is spayed so don’t go looking for baby bunny photos anytime soon! 🙂 

And for those of you who are concerned about the safety of these bunnies, it is all good. As a pet owner I am aware that bunnies can die of a heart attack just from seeing a dog – hence the purchasing from pet shops.  In a pet shop the rabbits are exposed to a very animated environment, making them a bit more likely to tough out the predatory situations. These bunnies are not only cool with the cat and dogs, but they have already been giving bunny kisses to the kitty through the cage – (Vail has no claws) and there has been no aggression from any of my beasts – they are more curious than anything. 

Now, these bunnies won’t have the advantage of free roaming the house, so no electrical deaths for them – shucks – but I do have a bunny run cage so they get enough freedom for a good ‘ole hippity hop.  They have acclimated pretty well and are very friendly and handlable so I am calling it a win.  Besides, if Emileen is going to grow up to be a vet, she needs to have exposure to all kinds of different animals…..(any excuse for me to add to my zoo :)). 

Adopt a Kitty

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Adopt a Kitty

Old kitties need love too, and if you adopt one who has been around awhile you don’t have to worry about the kitten crazies because they have already grown out of that stage! This tabby is ready to play so if you have been looking for a furry friend make sure to check out your Animal Defense Leagues, or Animal Care Services before going to a mill.

Who Says We Can’t Get Along???

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Who Says We Can't Get Along???

A tender moment between my little buddies!