Are Huskies Good or Badly Behaved Dogs?

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Are Huskies Good or Bad? Pros and Cons of the Siberian Husky.

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When it comes to deciding whether a husky is what you and your family really wants, first you need to decide if they are a good or bad breed! Here is a pros and cons list to help!

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Luna the Husky and her Water Buffalo Horn

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Check out the latest toy, a Water Buffalo Horn, that Luna plays with! Dogblogging

Luna the Husky
Luna with her Water Buffalo Horn

Husky Puppy Training – Look At Me

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Here is my latest on living in a world with Luna my husky!!!

Husky Puppy Training – Look At Me

Nicolas after Look At Me Training
Cuddles after training time are important!

Cat Taking the Dog for a Walk

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Nothing quite like watching a cat be a BOSS. LOL!

Wonderful Scorpion Protection!

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Thor with a Treat

As if there weren’t enough fantastic reasons to have a Boston Terrier, this morning my lil buddy brought in a scorpion to play with…..he also enjoys a good grub, moths, spiders, junebugs – pretty much anything large and insectile.



Yep, I thought it was great that he helps take care of bug issues, until I realized that he likes to play with them first. And helpful or not a live scorpion on my carpet is NOT a welcome thing even if Thor’s goal is to play, murder, eat.  On an even funnier note, my cat also enjoys eating bugs so I got to watch them fight over the scorpion this morning too. What a fun start to my Saturday!


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Thor – written by Aimee and Emileen Wahl

Thor you are our dog.

You like to jump just like a frog.

Sometimes you pee,

Right on our guests.

But despite your quirks,

You are the best,

Boston Terrier we’ve ever had.

Your silly snort makes us glad,

That your googly eyes made Mom groan,

And feel so bad she took you home!




Which One is the Honeybadger?

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Which One is the Honeybadger?

I just can’t decide which one is the honeybadger, Thor who doesn’t care that the cat is sleeping and sits on him anyway or Vail who doesn’t care that Thor is sitting directly on him, nothing will interrupt his nap! ROFL