Luna the Husky and Her Benebone Toy

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Luna the Husky and Her Benebone Toy

So Luna got to try out a new toy that I have been wanting to get her as the advertisements all say it is comparable to an actual bone and is very durable.  This Benebone chew toy features a wishbone shape that is supposedly easy for dogs to chew while being made of materials that are dog safe and virtually indestructible. And as with any new toy, I gave Luna the 2 minute destruction challenge!  

The Benebone boasts a real bacon flavor that will have your dog wanting more, keeping them interested and with Luna my husky, it is important that I give her things that will occupy her time, or else she will find naughty ways to do so! The video of her chewing the toy was literally the first two minutes that she had access to it and that was just a couple days ago now.  At this moment, the bone does look like each of the ends has been chewed on, not too destroyed though and true to its advertising, it has definitely kept Luna busy in her uptime.

The bone does have an ergonomic design with a curve that makes it easy for Luna to push up whichever end she wants to chew on, so she isn’t getting aggravated that she can’t get a good grip on the toy.
With deep, texture grooves Luna can actually bite the toy the way she wants and the Benebone is made from nylon which means she isn’t immediately just busting through it like candy.
Too much time chewing on it I have found does give her a little tummy upset though, I am guessing the real bacon flavoring creates a bit of ickiness but she can manage about an hour or so and then she should have a break time anyhow.
Another benefit of this toy versus real bones is that even though it is infused with a natural bacon flavor, it doesn’t stink up the house and it also has not stained my furniture!
The Benebone itself has a decent size, but really shouldn’t be used by dogs who weight over 70 pounds as it isn’t really designed for the big ones. And as with any other toy, it is important that she only play with it while I am monitoring her, as small parts could break off and will need to be disposed of right away!  It is easy to forget that a chew toy is not an actual treat, so it really is not designed to be gobbled up!

Overall, I think this could be a great toy for a small to medium sized dog that enjoys chewing and likes bacon.

Check out other toys that work for medium sized, tough chewers!

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Tiny Hamster Eating Burrito!

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This makes me want to get a hamster… husband would murder me for it because already have a zoo, but they are SO CUTEEEEEE!

Mattengas – A New Pizza Joint

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This weekend me and the family went out to go find some pizza for dinner and went on over to my husband’s favorite place – Goombas.  Only to find out that they have been replaced with Mattengas – a New pizza place who boasts same great service – better ingredients. So being the adventurous (and lazy) people we are we decided to stick around and try them out!





I am guessing they JUST took over recently, since they are using all of Goombas old pizza boxes, and supplies so we will have to wait and see what their decorative approach is going to be. The employees were friendly, and we were asked several times while eating if everything came out ok, which is unusual at most pizza places (like Pizza Hut) so that was pretty nice.

Anyhow we ordered regular breadsticks and a sausage, pepperoni pizza for our hopefully delicious meal.

The breadsticks came out pretty quickly and I thought they were pretty good. I like breadsticks to be a little soft and just completely drowning in garlic – these had a medium of both of those so I would say most people would find them to be yummy. The quantity was sufficient for a group of four hungry people, we each got more than two, but they are shorter than standard breadsticks.  They also included plenty of marinara sauce so we didn’t have to ask for extra which is always a bonus!

The wait on the pizza was a little longer, but we were there prime dinner hour so it was pretty busy and the wait wasn’t killer long – the kids didn’t have a chance to go epic whiney. However, when they said the ingredients were different than Goombas, they were not kidding.  Goombas has/had notoriously greasy pizza, like you can see a layer of shine on the top – this new Mattengas took the cake on the grease hands-down. There was sooooo much grease that my stomach YELLED before I even took a bite. Seriously. I picked up the pizza and the weight of the grease dragged it down….and my plate filled up with grease almost immediately.  Super Grease. But I never let a little gallon of grease keep me from trying food out so I went for the bite!

The dough was very very thin, the pepperoni’s were almost perfection and to my palette, the sausage was just the right amount of spicy.  Except that my kids HATE spicy. So they quickly took off all the sausage, which is fine with me, because I gave up on the thin, greasy mess after that bite and ate all the kids sausage lol!

I would say that I am going to miss Goombas, it was not MY favorite but this place seems to not even hit my approvable list for edible pizza. The family may disagree though, they seemed happy – of course, they may just have been starving to death too…..

One positive that I would like to note is that this was the first time I have been to a restaurant in San Antonio/Cibolo that played Spiritual music. It was lovely. It was the best part of the new Mattengas. They have a lot of work to do to bring their quality to compete with the surrounding pizza joints!


And for anyone interested in trying them out here is the Mattengas site!

Red Robin at the forum in San Antonio

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Last night I had the rare opportunity to eat dinner with my husband, Scott, at a real restaurant while my children were at Awanas. It was a date! We decided (he decided) to go to Red Robin in San Antonio because he likes their burgers.  I am not really a burger person – greasy beef patties tend to relay their hate in my system for as long as possible, but I can find something on the menu to eat anywhere I go so I don’t usually care.

So as soon as we walked into Red Robin, we were seated, this is very fast for me – but I assume it is pretty standard for two to not have to wait very long to sit but I am usually a group of four so I count being seated immediately as a perk.  As soon as we sat down our waitress came over to get us drinks, again no waiting at all so that was great.  We were on an hour time limit since we would be picking up the kids after eating.

Anyhow after deciding what we were going to eat I surveyed the interior of Red Robin a bit. The place was filling up so we must have been the first of the dinner rush – it was already 6:45 though, so people must eat late during the week. The place was very clean and there were a lot of employees standing around the front waiting for something to do.

As I was sitting and people-watching, the clock was tick, ticking by, and before I knew it half an hour had elapsed and when my grilled chicken burger finally came, it tasted as though it had been sitting instead of coming right off the grill for me.  Now for a family of four I usually expect to eat within 30 -45 minutes at a sit-down place but for two I would think that time should be cut in half- since you have half the number but oh well, that wasn’t a huge deal.

The lukewarm food was the huge deal to me.  Despite the friendliness of the waitress and the appearance of hard work by the employees at Red Robin, I had a very hard time enjoying my food because I like it to be HOT.  By the time I got to my fries they were almost gummy from sitting.

My husband enjoyed his whiskey burger and onion rings, however, but again his was also lukewarm – he is not as picky as me though, if he was on a deserted island he could probably make a meal out of sand. I love that about him because I am not the world’s greatest cook but he eats it all without complaining. 🙂

So if you are in San Antonio out by the forum on the NE side, looking for a mediocre, most likely lukewarm burger, but fantastic service as far as the employees go, Red Robin is the way to go.  As for me,  I think I will be passing on the next couple rounds because I just can’t stand food that has been sitting.

IHOP Was a Bust – Denny’s Was Well Something Else

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I am very sad to say that IHOP was a total bust last night. After being excited for pancakes all day long me and the family got to IHOP and every single teenager in the city was waiting to sit down.  On a weekend night that would be fine but during the week I don’t like the kids having to be up past bedtime just to eat dinner.

After finding out about the astronomical wait we decided, grudgingly, that we would go to Denny’s instead. Normally we avoid Denny’s like the plague but we figured it should be completely deserted since everyone in the city was having some IHOP pancakes. Well, it was semi-busy when we got there but we got to sit right away so that appeased my little, antsy children.

I would have rather gone to IHOP – Next time…next time.

After about ten minutes of sitting, the person who seated us, Danny, also came and got our drink order….and then went back to seating people.  It started to get pretty busy about this time, the tables in the joint were filling up pretty quickly.  So another ten minutes rolls by and Danny brought us our drinks and took our order.

Twenty minutes rolls by, no food…but Danny is rolling on all four cylinders – greeting, seating, getting drinks, bringing food out to people who had been there before we showed up, about this time I saw a couple random waiters/waitresses wander through the place and then back to the kitchen which I can only assume was a black vortex of doom because I rarely saw anyone come out of there after they went in.

Another fifteen minutes and there it was finally! FOOD!!! We were hungry, Emileen had been letting the entire place know it too. She doesn’t scream or anything she just has a loud voice (like her mom) so she kept repeating every couple minutes “I’m hungrrrry”. I don’t really blame her.

So the food.

Well it was mediocre at best. The pancakes were rubber…you know, the material that tires are made out of? Yeah. Rubber is not a good texture for pancakes.  The hashbrowns I got tasted like potato mush.  Maybe I was just feeling irritated that I wasn’t getting my IHOP pancakes, or that I had to wait 35 minutes for rubber and mush, but this was NOT a pleasant dining experience.

So for our finale and entertainment I suppose, as we finished eating what should happen but a lovely round of screaming from the cooks in the kitchen at each other.  Apparently they were not getting along, which wouldn’t surprise me since there had to be at least ten people back there – most of which probably were avoiding any real work at all.

So for anyone considering the Denny’s off of Topperwein in San Antonio, I would look elsewhere.  They do NOT have their business under control. The only person in that place that had any semblance of professionalism was Danny – our greeter, waiter, and cashier.  Ten points to Danny for a job well done.

The moral of this review is – next time wait the extra 30 minutes for IHOP. Yep.

National Pancake Day at IHOP – Yum Yum!

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This is one of my favorite days out of the year! Once a year the national restaurant chain, IHOP offers a free short stack (3 pancakes) to each customer until 10:00 pm.  This is also an opportunity for them to raise money for a worthy cause, this year that happens to be the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society.  I like to know that my love for all things pancake can be paid forward to those who really need the money.

So if you haven’t made your dinner plans yet, stop by your local IHOP and enjoy their lovely food – and if you are feeling generous, give a little of your hard-earned cash to finding a long term solution to potentially fatal disease. For those of you who would like more information on Leukemia & Lymphoma feel free to visit this site – Leukemia & Lymphoma Society they offer a comprehensive breakdown of information, making it easy to understand why they are so in need of donations.

This would be where I would insert my IHOP song if I had one made up – they should have some sort of theme song.  Maybe that is just me though, I am super excited for dinner tonight! (I may even *gulp* post up a photo of my food) 🙂

Oh, and for those who may not know anything about IHOP, here is a site for you!!!!  – IHOP

My Thoughts on Fox’s Pizza and Tap Room in Schertz

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Last night me and the family decided to eat out for dinner – I only do groceries once a week and the pantry is looking quite empty, so we found this little restaurant Fox’s Pizza and Tap Room, that has just relocated in Schertx, Texas.  When we walked in the door, there were two guys playing guitar and singing – and their skills were pretty good so I liked it.

We were seated immediately even though the place was pretty full so I was really happy about that, I don’t like having to wait to sit – those of you with kids should understand my precise feelings on the waiting thing – as each second ticks by while you are out, there is a chance at any moment that the kids will be done.  And when kids are done – EVERYONE is done – or they suffer…..

Anyhow in less than five minutes the server had taken our order and the race was on.  When our drink orders came, the kids had ordered Sprite, they ended up with carbonated water – YUCK – which happens when the bib runs out.  It did take about five minutes for the waiter to come back after we realized that their drinks were not so good but when he came back he didn’t make us order them a different beverage, he offered to change the bib real quick and bring them out some fresh Sprite. And that only took about five minutes so the kids were OK with it.

Now here is the real bonus part of eating at this Fox’s Pizza and Tap Room. They offer TACO PIZZA.  Yep, that’s right.  For those of you in Texas you should understand how hard it is to find any pizza joint that makes taco pizza, and having been from Iowa where EVERY pizza place sells it we have been down and out about not finding it here.

Our orders came in a decent amount of time, about twenty minutes and we all really enjoyed the food, I would recommend taco pizza to the world, it is delicious! While we were eating and listening to the live music, I looked around the place. It is a very family friendly place, happy kids were all over.  The walls at Fox’s Pizza and Tap Room are all a neutral color – but that is because they ask military and teachers to sign as a way to show their appreciation for the hard work which I think is just brilliant!

ImageThe wait for the ticket to come was a little longer than I am used to waiting, but considering how great the service was overall I didn’t mind and I knew it was pretty busy so I can give the guy a break.  When we walked outside though, I was very impressed. Fox’s Pizza and Tap Room have an outdoor seating area that has actual torch-like decorations that were burning – it was very cool!

The only thing in the entire experience that I considered a complete and total drag was when we were walking to the car.  At the back corner of the restaurant there was an employee on his cell-phone, which is perfectly fine.  However, the volume and the language that he was ferociously relaying to the receiving end of that call was completely unnecessary considering there were small children around. Despite him, I would highly recommend this place to pizza lover’s.