Ghosts that Haunt

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Echos needling in my ears,

Moments missed and stumbling fears.

I seem to have misplaced my sense,

Got lost in dreams of dwindling pretense.

This constant noise that’s seeping in,

Has me going nuts again.

I can’t ignore the judgments made,

The constant berating of plans mislaid.

Re-evaluating my need to be right,

Looking around the end is in sight.

I won’t cave to this chaos that creeps to displace,

The years that I have spent trying to embrace.

Existential realities of my own making,

I refuse to give up, they remain mine upon waking.



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Evading the truth,

Blocking your path.

Broken faucets,

Of memories past.

A quiet stillness,

The hope of more.

Committing not to digress,

Letting you soar.

Falling to pieces,

Shattered bits of brick.

This house will come down now,

I have no more tricks.