Husky Sleeping Styles

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Husky Sleeping Styles
So after you have brought your little husky puppy home and given them either 95% of the space on your bed for life, or their own special little cuddle crate to sleep in, you may find that they sleep in the absolute goofiest positions! 

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Wildly Broken Husky Alert! 
This token sprawled out look that Luna is doing is one of her favorites, in fact this position is often called “a broken husky” among husky owners! She is broken ALL the time and I find it absolutely hilarious! It is also a great position to see your pup sleeping in because it means they are very confident that they are safe and secure! So if your pup ‘breaks’ in their bed, be excited to know that they are happy and comfy with you around!

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Happy Sleepy Baby!
Now, the other position that I find Luna is another comfortable one, but more wary. She is pretty strict when it comes to our night time schedule so if things are not precisely as they should be, she will curl up with her tail tucked overe her nose, but with her eyes up so she can let me know that she is not pleased about the bedtime situation.  Also, as she can be a little vocal, she will yell intermittently until I correct what is out of place. I am also an owner of two little kitties who think that night time is prowl time so if I don’t have them locked up that is on major problem for Luna.  If the cats are out, she is supposed to be I guess! 

Getting ready for a day nap!
I have also noticed that Luna really enjoys moving her blankets around in her cage to wrap up in a little bit, not too much because she gets hot, but she likes a little cuddle! If she catches me watching her adjust her blankets though, she will give me the side-eye! Such hilarious things doggies do!
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Love having a foot warmer around!
It is always important to pay close attention to your pup’s body language, they don’t speak English but the more you watch them them more you can both communicate together and create an environment that works for you and your whole family! 

husky dogs puppies
Luna likes to sleep where her eyes can stay on me – she is looking at my chair there!
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A Doggy Year in Review

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A Doggy Year in Review

puppy pet animal
Just after we brought her home….:)
So Luna the Siberian husky is now over a year old! It is incredible how quickly the time goes by and yet here she is, almost done being a puppy and I am still learning new things about her all the time! She is also still learning everyday and it is awesome to see her connect the things we have been working on, recall being one of my very favorites.

texas husky siberian

I cannot emphasize the importance of continuing to train your husky in even the basics weekly, even daily if possible to reinforce them with your dog as they grow.  If you slack off then they for sure will too! 

Luna in this past year has mastered – ish (as she is a stubborn girl and sometimes just feels like doing her own thing) come, sit, lay, high-five, shake, roll, look at me, wait, stay, heel, poop, pee and she will even walk in a circle around me although that one has to be led with a treat still. 

I have found that she is not really a cuddly gal but when the kids are sad and whining she always checks on them to make sure they are ok.  She notifies me that she needs to go outside by jumping up on my lap rather than scratching at the door like my other dogs! Huskies are in a league of their own when it comes to the dog world and I wouldn’t want it any other way.

Living the pack life!

Our First Texas Snow!!

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Differences Between Common Husky Breeds

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Differences Between Common Husky Breeds

When considering the type of husky you want, there are several types to choose from that each offer different qualities that may work better for your home and living style so I recommend taking time to research before you impulse adopt your new pet! 

For those who are not familiar with specific types of huskies, it’s not always easy to tell the difference between them.

The Alaskan Malamute, Siberian Husky and Alaskan Husky do resemble each other, but there are clear differences between each of them.

Alaskan Malamute – This breed is actually Alaska’s official mascot and is also one of the oldest of northern sled dogs. They were named after the Inuit tribe Mahlemuts, a nomadic people of Alaska who used the powerful breed for centuries to hunt and pull heavy sleds through the Arctic.  The Malamute is taller and heavier than Siberian Huskies. They stand 23″ to 25” at the shoulder and weighs and average of 75 to 85 pounds, although males can hit up to 100 pounds.
Malamutes have brown eyes and a large head with their ears set widely apart. They have bushy tails that they carry over their back. Because Malamutes are heavier than huskies, they are less likely to jump a fence, and will instead try to dig out when bored and left unattended. They should not be let off leash as they have a high prey drive and they love to run. They are known to be gender aggressive with same gendered dogs, but are very affectionate with their humans. Malamutes are an intelligent, confident and stubborn breed.
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Siberian Husky  This breed has base roots from Siberia where they were used by semi-nomadic tribes called the Chukchi people. They developed the dog with enhanced endurance to go great distances while pulling a light load at a moderate speed in tough weather. These huskies were developed to preserve energy to stay warm for long periods. At 35 to 60 pounds and 20″ to 23.5” Siberian huskies are smaller boned than Malamutes. They can have brown eyes, one brown and one blue, both blue, green or parti-colored eyes. Their head is also smaller and not as broad as the Malamute, and their eyes and ears are set more closely together.
When on alert, they carry their bushy tail in a sickle shape which will drop lower when they relax. Because they are pack animals, the Siberian husky gets along very well with other dogs. They are stubborn, intelligent, confident, independent and loving with those who have earned their trust. They are know escape artists, being able to squeeze through the smallest hole or quickly dig underneath any fence. Once out, they will run far and fast. It is never recommended to let them off leash as their prey drive will kick in if they see anything move, like a squirrel.
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Luna the Siberian Husky running with her pal Annie
Alaskan Husky This breed is a true sled dog that is not recognized by any kennel club as they are not considered a pure breed like Malmutes and Siberian huskies. The Alaskan husky has been bred solely for their working ability, not their appearance. For hundreds of years Inuit people and mushers bred dogs with other canines found in villages, and there is no specific breed standard that dictates their breeding practices. This type of dog is smart and can run hard and fast with the strength to pull heavy loads.
The Alaskan husky coat is mostly short to medium in length with a thick undercoat. They are long legged with a lean body, deep in the chest with pointy ears, a tail that curls over their back. They usually have brown eyes. They weigh around 35 to 50 pounds and are slightly taller than the Siberian husky.   They are faster than both the Malamute and Siberian husky. 
Despite their differences, these three dog breeds do have a lot things in common. They are all known to be difficult to train because they are extremely independent and willful. They are very intelligent working dogs who learn at their own speed, not necessarily their owners. All of them have a thick double-coat to handle very cold weather conditions. They have a high prey drive and love to escape for a run now and then. They are born to run, which they all love to do.
san antonio, texas
Alaskan Husky
For my family, a Siberian Husky has been a perfect fit. Luna is playful, independent (which means she doesn’t need my constant attention – though she does want to be in the same area as I am), friendly and fun. Knowing that she could find digging and jumping to be an exciting adventure I make sure she doesn’t spend time outdoors unattended which is fine because I can always use some fresh air too!! I think any of these breeds can be fantasic for a family who is energetic and likes to spend time outside playing!
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Husky Bark Control

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Husky Bark Control

A fun and wonderful part of having your very own Siberian Husky is having an opportunity to conversate with your pet.  They really enjoy a good howl whether its to tell you they are hungry, they want to play or pretty much anything that comes to mind.  I was very excited when we got Luna, to have a howl buddy because I myself am quite a chatter-er. As it turns out, she is actually pretty quiet, she will give me a bit of talk when I get her food and she will bark at her canine buddies Thor and Bella when she is ready to romp but other than that I don’t hear her howl too often.

A less pleasant aspect of the husky is their barking.  Luna’s friend Annie taught her that she should bark at others to say hello, to invite a play or just to chat in general which by itself is not a big deal as she isn’t aggressive but it makes walking trickier.  The barking is more ferocious sounding than the howling so when I take her for a walk, well let’s just say it terrifies the neighbors and they think she isn’t friendly when she gives her hello bark.
To assist with this barking behavior I decided on the next step up from the Easy Walk Harness, which I really enjoy using for training Luna to walk like a lady!

*Note* Before deciding to use any method to control or correct your pups barking, make sure you know the source! Trying to change their behavior or punishing them for something that they should be doing (such as protective barking when a bad guy approaches) can cause more problems rather than good!

PetSafe Gentle Leader Head Collar

The Petsafe Gentle Leader head collar allows you to not only prevent your pup from barking, but it is also an effective training tool to keep your pet from pulling on the leash. It immediately took care of Luna’s barking issue and after a couple uses, she doesn’t bark when we walk anymore so it was a definite win for us. This collar doesn’t choke dogs and is painless to use which is a huge bonus as I don’t really like using negative forms to control my husky’s behavior. It is also pretty easy to use, so we were able to get ready for walking time really quickly.

The straps on the leader are adjustable, so it will fit snugly for a comfortable and secure walking experience. With a neoprene padded nose loop, the leader is also gentle on your pup’s snout. I highly recommend giving this training tool a chance to help deter your husky from the scary walking bark.

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How To Help Your Husky’s Sensitive Tummy

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How To Help Your Husky’s Sensitive Tummy
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You have done some research and decided a husky was just the right fit for your home and now you are wondering why they have the runs, or even worse, why they keep throwing up all that new food you just gave them. Congratulations, you are officially a genuine husky owner! Huskies are well-known for having sensitive tummies and it can take a lot of trial and error to get them on a diet that is both good for them and gentle on those sensitive stomachs!

I was fortunate enough to know ahead of time that I was bringing home a sensitive tummy canine companion so I was ready with my own tips and tricks for keeping her regulated. Here are several ways that you can do the same for your little pup.

1.) Always have some canned pumpkin in your pantry. Pumpkin is a fantastic go-to for both the runs and constipation and will keep your husky stools solid looking. It contains a lot of fiber, which is very important for tummies. It will slow digestion as well as soak up excess water which is how it provides the double benefit. The pumpkin can also help with weight management if you find that your little buddy is getting too big. It makes your pet feel fuller so they will eat less of the not so healthy stuff! This site gives lots of other benefits of pumpkin too – 13 Benefits of Pumpkin for Pets.

2.) Start them off with a grain free diet. Grains in dog food are a common issue as many dogs are actually allergic to them and they don’t actually need carbs in their diet at all. It is better to spend a little more on a food that is full of meat and other healthy ingredients, they will need less and you will have less mess to clean up! I use Heritage Ranch by HEB which is similar to Merrick. It is grain free and my husky goes nuts at mealtimes so I call it a win! It is also a little easier on the wallet than some of the other brands.


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3.) Try not to feed them scraps. It is hard not to want to share your own delicious dinner bits with your husky, especially when they sit there with those adorable little faces just waiting but if you don’t want them to suffer, it is important not to share.  Now if you are eating delightful and healthy things like boiled chicken, a little bite now and again may not be detrimental.  I would recommend waiting until after mealtimes however and offering a special treat, like a homemade baked biscuit or a carrot with some peanut butter. There are all sorts of healthy treats you can offer that are gentle on their tummies.

4.) Change diets slowly.  When you notice your husky having an issue with food they are on, don’t go cold turkey and change up their meals because that can make the problem worse, even make it last longer. Instead, make sure to mix the new and old food together over a period of time, generally a couple of weeks is recommended, each day adding a little more new and a little less old until the old is gone. This way the new food is introduced slowly, allowing your husky’s tummy to adapt easily.

Again, the most important thing is to keep trying different things. If one food doesn’t work, don’t be afraid to change it out until you find one that works for them!!!

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Baking Peanut Butter Pumpkin Dog Treats

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Baking Peanut Butter Pumpkin Dog Treats

Having a puppy in your home brings along with it a whole new world of fun and when it comes to caring for your little pet, many people wonder what is best when it comes to feeding them.  Generally speaking if you are able to make fresh, dog-safe foods, that is optimal but if you are like me, there is no way you can do that all the time!! Instead, I decided to settle for a high grade dog food brand. However, after seeing all the dog treat choices available out there, they all seem to be full of ingredients I have never heard of which led me to my next adventure with Luna and the pack, homemade dog treats.  

Whipping up a batch of treats for the dogs is just as fast as making a bowl of cookies for my kids! And if my kids are worth it, then certainly so are my furry companions! Let me start by saying, I am NOT a cook. I do as little in the kitchen as possible so if I am able to successfully make some tasty treats for my pet, you can too!!! 

san antonio, texas
YEP! Expert mess right there!

After searching around for what seemed like the easiest recipes to work with, I made a sort of version of this one – Peanut Butter and Pumpkin Dog Treats.  I immediately wrote down the ingredients and amounts, I am no good at remembering lol! This recipe called for pumpkin, flour, peanut butter, eggs, cinnamon and salt, so nothing strange and all things my dogs like to eat! Pumpkin is even a regulator for their digestive systems, it can help when they have the runs AND when they get backed up! 

I used a medium sized glass mixing bowl to dump everything into and it was close to full, so maybe a large one would work best. The major adjustment I made to the recipe from the site was using a full cup of pumpkin instead of half.  This may not seem like a big deal, but in terms of keeping it moist without adding water, it worked wonders. I did not have to add any water at all and the dough was just right. Also, I mixed mine up with a fork, I like using forks rather than whisks because with the whisk I spend a bunch of time trying to get the mix out of the openings and that is super annoying. Mix with whatever utensil works for you! 
Here is what my dough looked like when I dumped it onto wax paper.  Yes I put it on wax paper rather than my counter top because I don’t want to spend more time cleaning than I do making the dog treats! 


san antonio, texas
Chunky, but after hand kneading a couple minutes, is perfectly doughy!

This is the messy part, I went ahead and used my hands to knead the dough at this point and it only took a minute or two to have it all blended together.  I did add a little flour to the wax paper and to the rolling pin to keep it from being too sticky. The only tedius part of the cookie preparation time for me was the actual cookie cutting! Again, I am not a cook, nor a pet food cook, so I don’t have those adorable mini dog biscuit cookie cutters laying around, instead I improvised with a frosting tip that was just the right size for a bite sized treat. *Helpful note* If you dip the cutter in flour as you go along, it won’t stick to the dough which makes it much faster.

I did have an audience for my whole pumpkin, peanut butter treat baking adventure too, because if I am in the kitchen CLEARLY something delightful is going on! Luna just sat there patiently until she got bored, and then laid down right where I could trip over her non-stop haha! 
san antonio, texas
Com’on Mom, just a nibble!

Because the recipe had eggs in it, they did not get to try the biscuits until they were finished though. They were such good dogs, they definitely got to have one while they were still warm! When baking the treats, I only cooked them for about 15 minutes and then let them cool while I made another batch….I like to double up so I have some extras in the freezer.  After all of them were cooked, I left them in the oven with it partially cracked to cool and dry for a long time, 5+ hours. The drier you can get the treat, the longer it will last! Once they were completely cooled, I put some in freezer bags to enjoy later and some in paper bags to enjoy now.  Generally the ones I put out right away are eaten up within a week, and the ones I freeze can last up to 8 months no problem. 

san antonio, texas
Lots of treats!!
A single batch does make quite a few to keep your little husky pup happy! I use parchment paper to cook on, again, makes cleaning up afterwards much faster. Also I made the cookies with all purpose flour, but wheat flour is even healthier and they enjoy them just as much. They are even safe for people to try out, although my kids were NOT impressed since they don’t taste like REAL cookies.
Here is the recipe that I used, feel free to try it out for your own puppy!

Baking Peanut Butter Pumpkin Dog Treats

2 1/2 cups all purpose (or whole wheat) flour
1 cup canned pumpkin
2 tablespoons peanut butter
1/2 teaspoon salt
1/2 teaspoon ground cinnamon
2 eggs

1.) Preheat oven to 350 degrees F. 
2.) Mix all ingredients together until moist. Lay out on countertop and knead until dough like consistency. 
3.) Roll to 1/2 inch thickness and cut with cookie cutter of choice. 
4.) Lay flat on pan lined with parchment paper.
5.) Bake for 15 minutes, or until edges start browning.  For more even cooking consistency you can flip them over half way through.
6.) Cool completely. You can also dry them out more effectively by placing in the oven after turning it off and leaving it cracked for several hours.
7.) Enjoy watching your pup gobble them all up!
*Important Note* Be sure to check the ingredients of your peanut butter as some does contain xylitol which is NOT good for dogs!!! Organic peanut butter is always best! 🙂
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Ways to Help With Digging Huskies

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Ways to Help With Digging Huskies

So you caved and acquired an adorable, sweet, fluffy, energetic Siberian Husky. Now you can settle back and enjoy all the awesome benefits of having a canine companion to dote on your every move. 

san antonio, texas
Such a cute little innocent pup!
And just when you think you can have a break and relax, let them go outside and enjoy the fresh air, BAM, they are gone! Like a magician in the night, your little escape artist has gone to find some tasty rodent to attack! It is true that some huskies will never go and dig their way out of their yard to explore the world, but for the majority, digging is a thing. A constant thing. Also escaping. They get bored, they get lonely, they leave. So how can you convince your pup to stay put?? I have several suggestions that can keep your husky happy and at home where they belong! 

1.) Redirect their digging.
Digging much like their predator vibes is a major husky instinct. They need to dig. If you ask them why though, they will just stare at you with that adorable face covered in fresh dirt and laugh.
You can try building a sandpit (or filling a small pool/sandbox up) in your yard with some various tasty treats buried. This can redirect the digging in a positive way to a specific area, especially if you have extra space in your yard that you don’t mind sharing with them! There are several husky owners that I know who have adding a sandpit to be positive as it promotes their instinct and prevents them from having to be the “bad guy.” Just remember when using this method that you have to train them just like you do with other things like sit and don’t punish them when they think that digging everywhere is ok, just redirect with postive tasty treats (or bones, whatever type of bonus works for your pup).

2.) Constant supervision.
Rather than letting him free-range in your yard, go out and monitor his outdoor time with him, then when you see the digging start, you can redirect with a game, treat or a strong, “no.” This is actually what I have found to be most effective with my husky, although as she is a puppy still, I generally even keep her leashed so we stay on “potty” task. Her outdoor time consists of walks around the block, potty training in the yard, and free run time at the dog park we have nearby. Every once in awhile though we will spend 30 minutes or so working out that energy with zoomies across the backyard but I am always there to make sure she doesn’t start a bad behavior. This also helps to keep her from being bored because as her packmate I can keep her busy chasing things!
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Keep Looking At Me Mom!

3.) Provide natural barriers.
Planting fast growing bushes around your fence line can often deter the digging and escaping behavior, although it does take some time to get the bushes big enough to distract from the fence and if your yard is small, this takes away from free range space too. This option is not at the top of my list as they will still sometimes feel that they need to dig around the bushes and then you are back to square one looking for a more effective method, but for some huskies they don’t like the feel of the bush roots so they will stop digging where the bushes are. It is really trial and error when it comes to finding what will work for your busy little pup.
Often times huskies will dig when bored so incorporating more activity into your schedule with them may work, a tired husky is a behaved one! Extra running time, extra dog park time, maybe even considering a doggy daycare or inhome puppy nanny can help to keep your husky from even wanting to dig! 

These are just a few suggestions, this husky site has other helpful options that you can try out too!
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Gotta Stay Busy!
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