Grace Wins

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I love listening to tunes when I take my 7 year old daughter to school every morning and this is one that she sings along with, so adorable!


Glorious Unfolding – Stephen Curtis Chapman

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I don’t think there is a single person in this world that hasn’t felt burdened at some point. I just love this song, it is very uplifting. Even through the tough we all have a story to finish.  Stephen Curtis Chapman has been blessed with a fantastic ability to spread the message of God’s love.

Colton Dixon – More Of You

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Beautiful video, wonderful song, I really enjoy Colten Dixon’s work.

David Dunn – Have Everything

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I live by this what this song says.  Every day is a new day to give everything that I have to God.  That isn’t always easy, because he does take, but oh the rewards, the knowledge that Heaven is waiting for me, so worth it!

Shoulders – for King & Country

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Just a beautiful piece.

River City Community Church – Pastor Sean Azzaro

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If you like Christian music, Pastor Sean Azzaro of River City Community Church in San Antonio just released a CD – Simple Things.  I definitely recommend checking it out, his work is amazing and he really has a passion for Jesus that I admire.

Simple Things – Sean Azzaro

Thrive – Casting Crowns

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This is an uplifting song, and I just love when I hear it on the radio when I take my daughter to school in the morning because it makes me pay attention to the potential that my whole day ahead has! Love Casting Crowns!