Luna the Husky and her Water Buffalo Horn

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Check out the latest toy, a Water Buffalo Horn, that Luna plays with! Dogblogging

Luna the Husky
Luna with her Water Buffalo Horn

Kong Squeez Crackle Stick Dog Toy

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Here is what Luna thinks about her new Kong Squeez Crackle Stick Dog Toy from Petco! Check out my review here!

Kong Squeez Crackle Stick Dog Toy
Luna is not a super fan of her new tough toy….

I got a video of her playing with her toy when she first got it too feel free to check it out!

Luna’s new Kong Squeez Crackle Stick Dog Toy from Petco…


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Thor – written by Aimee and Emileen Wahl

Thor you are our dog.

You like to jump just like a frog.

Sometimes you pee,

Right on our guests.

But despite your quirks,

You are the best,

Boston Terrier we’ve ever had.

Your silly snort makes us glad,

That your googly eyes made Mom groan,

And feel so bad she took you home!