Just a Little Cat and Mouse

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Bella Tanning Like a Boss

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Tanning like a Boss

I love my Bella!

Vail Loves his Little Buddy

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Vail and Emileen

Need Some Holiday Spirit? Check This Out!

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I just love, love, love this doggy palooza, makes me wish mine were trained better! Lol!

Adorable Kittiness!

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Fun Animal video of the day! Love those kitties! (This is a facebook video, so again, it may take a moment to load for you!)

Tiny Hamster Eating Burrito!

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This makes me want to get a hamster… husband would murder me for it because already have a zoo, but they are SO CUTEEEEEE!

Celebrating National Pet Week the Right Way!

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Celebrating National Pet Week the Right Way!

He may look slim and trim but Vail is carrying almost 30 pounds of dead weight…..on my throat….I don’t know how I lived either…:) Love my pets!