Thoughts on Universal City Dog Park

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Luna the husky is lucky that she lives in the suburbs of San Antonio, Texas as it allows her to see more than one type of dog park so she can make all kinds of puppy friends and do new things! Recently, one of the parks that we frequent was shut down though, as a strand of puppy cold that there is not a vaccine for was found, so it needed to be cleaned.
After a few weeks though, Universal City Dog Park has now re-opened and as it is the closest active park to our house, we were happy to stop by and see if the joint is jumping again.
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Luna the Husky at McAllister Park San Antonio

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Went to the park yesterday with my pal Luna the Husky. She likes to wander around and sniff for new pals to play with. Check out some photos of her adventure here! She even got teased by a deer on the other side of the fence at the back corner of the park before we left.  That deer had no idea that if Luna was super motivated she could probably clear the fence……

I got a video of her walking through the park too that is cute of course!

Luna the Husky at McAllister Park
Relaxing in the evening shade.

McAllister Park,San Antonio

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Bluebonnets and sweet kids!

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Emileen and Nicolas


Emileen  Nicolas



Emileen and Nicolas

Emileen and Nicolas

Christmas Craft Show – San Antonio Freeman Coliseum

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Every year, since moving to Texas, I have been able to go to the Christmas Craft Show in San Antonio at the Freeman Coliseum, and it went on this weekend. This year was super fun because as my parents and I get out of the car in the parking lot it is POURING. Rain in Texas….hahahahhhahah…..anyhow we got inside the building only half-melted and this year the area used for the show was smaller than the previous years which is sad. So I decided as we walked along that I would grab a few cards and give a shout out for these small business owners who came out during the rainy, rain to sell their fun crafts.

Bear with me here, I grabbed quite a few cards! LOL – These are listed in NO particular order, I liked most of them and they all have something that SOMEONE out there may want/need so check out their websites!

1. Belinda Green was selling jewelry, like charms – BelindaGreen.OrigamiOwl.com

2. Jasper Rowell was selling novelty items that he would engrave for you – DiamondBack Engraving

3. Mary and Ronnie Day were selling clothing for all kinds of occasions – Lucy Lockets Pockets

4. Jorge specializes in R/C vehicles – Platinum Hobbiez

5. Annette Pletcher was selling neat clothing – Cowgirl Country

6. Marissa Perez had skull items  – Crafts From Mars

7. Sylvia Tijerina was showcasing some vintage style rustic items – Urban Rustic Market 

8. Audra Koch offered traditional and unique products – TeGar-den Farms

9. Leslee Williams had some fantastic sand art – Sand Creations

10. Anna Price was selling fused glass jewelry – Aesthetic Designs

This was only a small portion of the many, many stands and items that were set up for people to check out. The majority were locally owned businesses who make their items here in the states.  It is nice to go to craft shows where you can find unique items for gifts while supporting the talents of local businesses.  I recommend checking out their sites and taking time to go to craft shows in your area, you never know when you will find the perfect items!

Feel free to share these links with friends and family who may be searching for fun things to buy as well!Freeman Coliseum

China Moon Restaurant – Universal City, Texas

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China Moon Restaurant

So the other day Scott (the husband) and I got a chance to go and eat out and since I don’t usually say no to any of his picks, we ended up at the China Moon Restaurant in Universal City, right by First Baptist – our church. Anyhow, this area looks a little rundown but that has never stopped me from trying out new food.

We went in and there appeared to only be one worker there, she told us to sit anywhere we wanted and rushed off – most of the seats were actually taken so I figured she must be pretty busy. So we sat down, and the room was definitely older looking, the chairs and tables are pretty worn out.  The waitress came back a couple minutes later and took our drink orders – and brought us back cans of pop (soda/coke) to drink.  I haven’t had a canned beverage from a restaurant in years so that was different.

It took a little bit longer for her to come back to take our order, but I didn’t mind because the place was clearly hopping.  Based on what I saw of the dining area though, I am surprised by how busy it actually was. Scott ordered sweet and sour chicken and I ordered orange chicken.

As I am giving my opinion here, let me be very clear – I am NOT a Chinese food expert, nor a fan of that type of food in the slightest. On my list of places to eat, Chinese food is ALWAYS right near the bottom so when I get something that I actually like, I am shocked.

At this point I finally saw a second employee working, so I assumed that meant things would move a bit quicker. It didn’t take too long for our food to come out and this is what I got.  (The rice came in a separate bowl and I just dumped it on the plate…..probably bad etiquette but that is how I eat it :)).

China Moon Restaurant

And it was DELICIOUS. Again, it could have been Terrible Chinese food for all I know of the style, BUT I LOVED it.  The chicken was full of flavor, you could actually taste the orange (not overwhelmingly though) and the spice was there but didn’t light my mouth on fire.  It was a fantastic blend of tastiness that I would most certainly recommend to anyone who likes caramelized chicken!

So thank you China Moon Restaurant for giving me something that I really enjoyed to eat, Scott didn’t feel the same, his sweet and sour chicken was bland and gummy (as if it had been sitting in a warmer too long), so I don’t recommend that dish in this case.

Fill Your Weekend!

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If you are looking for some fun to do in San Antonio this weekend there is a TON to choose from.  I picked out a few of my favorites to encourage all of you in the area to try out!

Number One – I am sure there are a lot of car fans out there looking for some entertainment and this Saturday 10:00 am to 10:00 pm and Sunday 11:00 am – 7:00 pm the San Antonio Auto Show is in action at the Henry B. Gonzalez Convention Center.  Here is a list of the participating manufacturers to preview and see if you think it is worth stopping by! There is a fee to go, $10.00 general admission and kids under 10 years old are free, other prices are listed on the site where you can purchase in advance if you would like to.

Number Two – For all the outdoor folks who love fresh produce, this time of year is really fantastic for stopping by the Pearl Farmers Market, 312 Pearl Parkway, San Antonio, Texas 78215.  They are host to produce only, giving people a chance to try out all kinds of wonderful fresh foods. Only cost involved is whatever tasty things you find that you want to take home! For a list of what foods are being featured check out this site!

Number Three – If you are looking for indoor fun for your family, the Briscoe Western Art Museum offers a lot of cultural excitement for all. They are open from 10:00 am – 5:00 pm both Saturday and Sunday. You can find the museum at 210 W. Market St, San Antonio, TX 78205. Cost for admission for non-members is $5.00 for adults and children 12 & under are free!

Number Four – At the San Antonio Botanical Garden this weekend you have an opportunity for some lovely photo ops, with a layout of 20 different scarecrows, celebrating the Autumn season.  With so many natural elements to check out, your camera is sure to be full of fantastic pictures to remember. Adults get in for $10.00 and kids 3-13 for $7.00. You can find the garden at 555 Funston Pl, San Antonio, Tx 78209.

And last but certainly not least Number Five – This one is NOT in San Antonio, but it is worth the short drive to 178 Landa Park Dr., New Braunfels, Tx 78130 for celebrating some German Culture, Texas style! It’s Wurstfest and there will be a variety of food, music, dancing, carnival rides and games, German, Texan and domestic beer, special events and all kinds of fun Alpine and Bavarian style entertainment. It will be open Saturday 11:00 am -12:30 am and Sunday 11:00 am – 9:30 pm. General admission to Wurstfest is $10.00 but for a breakdown of specific costs check out the site!

Get out of the house this weekend and enjoy this fantastic weather with family fun all over the place!!!

Driving Intoxicated With an Infant

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30-year-old Latonya Kirven was arrested Tuesday in Galveston, Texas  for aggravated assault with a deadly weapon and driving while intoxicated with a child in her vehicle. This woman apparently got wasted, got behind the wheel and decided it was a good idea to run over a 75-year old man, followed by driving her car into a bayou.

Witnesses said that they saw her arguing with the man before running him over, so clearly she was in a rage when she did it. I don’t think I will ever understand how it is that someone can take an infant and put them in a car after they have been drinking. At all.  Even after a single beer I won’t drive period.  I am aware that it is a little overkill but I am just terrified that that would be the one time I did something irresponsible and then I would have to live with that guilt for the rest of my life.

Fortunately there were people there who were willing to run in to save the baby. This would definitely fall under one of the worst hangovers to wake-up with…..


Referenced article – Woman who drove car into water faces charges