Grace Wins

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I love listening to tunes when I take my 7 year old daughter to school every morning and this is one that she sings along with, so adorable!

Tiny Hamster Eating Burrito!

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This makes me want to get a hamster… husband would murder me for it because already have a zoo, but they are SO CUTEEEEEE!

Shake it Off – Taylor Swift – UTSA Men’s Basketball Style

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Shake it Off – UTSA Men’s Basketball Team

My brother’s old basketball team made their own “Shake it Off” video, and of course being biast to their epicness I had to show you all the hilariousness that is the UTSA Men’s Basketball team – feel free to share! 🙂

Lord I’m Ready Now – Plumb

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Just a reminder that there is someone you can always turn to  – you just have to be ready.

Jenga Playing Cat

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Here is my video for today – how adorable is a cat that can play Jenga?! I find it completely wonderful! Love, love, love!

Memorial Day – Not Just a Grill-Out

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This video is a fantastic reminder that today is when we should be celebrating the memory of loved ones, not just grilling out and relaxing on an extra day off. Take time to appreciate WHY you get the day off. Happy Memorial Day everyone, and for those that have served or still serve, Thank-you.

Raging Fire – Phillip Phillips

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I just saw him perform on Live with Kelly and Michael and holy moly this guy is quite a singer. He has a very unique and lovely vocal ability. And he plays very nicely on his guitar. Definitely a great song.