Sweet Sunshine

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Drifting slowly across a bed of thorns,

Waiting always for the breaking storm.

Here it is coming up with speed,

The wind is growing, its movement a need.

And I am in awe.

The rain it dribbles, bouncing in rivulets,

The coolness of the droplets soaking in no diluent.

Dropping harder now brick-like in weight,

The drops change to daggers nothing to sate.

And I am in pain.

Bringing black clouds bounding in layers,

The storm drives right through forcing out prayers.

Un-heeding of target it crashes around,

The wind, the rain one blasting of sound.

And I am in fear.

Without a farewell, a goodbye or adieu,

The rain dissipates leaving the world anew.

Shift in the clouds and above a fresh sign,

The delicious radiation of sweet sunshine.

And I am in bliss.


Summer Preview

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So we got to play at the hotel pool this weekend and get a preview of our summer fun to come! With the weather being so uppity and strange it was nice to let loose and splash around for a bit!



Bring on the Summer!!! It can’t come soon enough!

Praise You in This Storm – Casting Crowns

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Casting Crowns is one of those bands that can hit my heart and keep my attention all the way through their music. There are a million storms that we each, individually, as a community, as a nation, as a world are handed in life – and this song just reminds me personally, where our strength is for each one we endure through.

Winter Conditions

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Now let me start off by saying I LOVE Texas, it is a great place to live and I really enjoy being here. That being said, I am originally from Iowa – I was there for 20+ years, so I have real knowledge of what winter conditions really are.

So why does that matter you ask? Well, if any of you watch the weather channel you may know that right now Texas is experiencing a bit of cold, we have some icy rain coming down – kind of sleet like – just yucky.  I am staring out of my window right this minute looking at my neighbor across the street, poor guy, I don’t think he knows what cold is….he has literally spent 45 minutes with this tiny little scraper, trying to get every bit of ice off of his SUV. I’m not talking windows either, he has run that thing down the entire body of the vehicle and is literally picking it out of the treads of his tires.

Texans don’t know cold. The majority of the people who live here panic when the weather has a sudden drop in temperature – really.  I am just glad that I don’t have to drive in these conditions because I think the people out and about have NO CLUE how to operate in this weather! I just had to share!

Just a Weather Thing

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So, surprise, surprise, I am not originally from Texas – in fact, I am from Iowa so I know what real nose freezing, eye burning, can’t breathe because there is no heat going to your lungs, cold is.  And right now I am laughing at my fellow Texans….Yes laughing….the last couple of days has been cold indeed, staying in the 30’s, in fact my washing machine did not really want to start today because it was feeling chilly.  But to see the way Texas panics when a chill comes in adds a bit of humor to my morning, especially when all over the news the north is filled with genuine, sickly, freezing temperatures.  Sorry Texas, today I can’t brag about you, man-up and turn on the heat!