Sweet Sunshine

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Drifting slowly across a bed of thorns,

Waiting always for the breaking storm.

Here it is coming up with speed,

The wind is growing, its movement a need.

And I am in awe.

The rain it dribbles, bouncing in rivulets,

The coolness of the droplets soaking in no diluent.

Dropping harder now brick-like in weight,

The drops change to daggers nothing to sate.

And I am in pain.

Bringing black clouds bounding in layers,

The storm drives right through forcing out prayers.

Un-heeding of target it crashes around,

The wind, the rain one blasting of sound.

And I am in fear.

Without a farewell, a goodbye or adieu,

The rain dissipates leaving the world anew.

Shift in the clouds and above a fresh sign,

The delicious radiation of sweet sunshine.

And I am in bliss.


My Simple Love Haiku

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My Simple Love Haiku

~ My Simple Love Haiku ~

Your deep, liquid eyes,

Consume me in their sweet depth,

Conveying your soul.

Writing You

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To put you on paper is to make you real,

Bring you to life for eternity in the blackest form.

Giving you the power, the future.

And leaving me empty, with nothing left to print.

I cannot commit you to the lasting word,

For words are not enough to describe your impression,

Your strength.

I cannot do what you ask.

I am not willing to give that part of myself away.

I will instead,

Leave just the hint of your presence,

That you may thrive just enough,

To follow me into tomorrow.

In hopes that I will someday,

Commit to you the memoir you deserve.

Writing You


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Don’t forget me when I am gone,

Let me be that still small voice in your head.

The one that leads you to the light,

The one who never lets you fail.

I can be your sweet, shining star,

In the blackest sky.

I can be a thin ray of hope,

When everything’s gone awry.

Let me take the burdens that you hold onto so tightly.

If you don’t,

If you won’t,

There will be nothing left for me.

There will be nothing left of me.

And I cannot be a blip on a radar of an existence,

Wrought in consequential silence.

Rhetoric Of a Man, Dancing With the devil

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Rhetoric Of a Man, Dancing With the devil

Rhetoric Of a Man, Dancing With the devil

I let you in,
I let you see me.
The genuine,
Everything is what you asked for.
All of me.
And as if you had done so before,
You enticed the darkness.
The shadow lurking,
Drew it out of me slowly.
And when I finally exposed it,
The part that no one sees,
Did you still love me?
Did you not embrace it?
Did you not dance slowly through time,
As if it was meant to be?
As if you desired my beast,
More than anything in the world.
And now,
Watching you lie there,
Shattered beneath the weight,
Of my dark burden,
Are you fulfilled?
Is my darkness what you needed?
Do you understand now,
Why I keep it locked deep,
In a chest of horrors,
That no one truly desires?


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A Man Who Didn’t See

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I saw a man I didn’t know,

Who didn’t know I saw him.

And what I saw he didn’t see,

I found it quite enlightening.

If I shared what I saw,

The man may disagree.

That what he didn’t see  I saw,

Is really that enlightening at all!