Glorious Unfolding – Stephen Curtis Chapman

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I don’t think there is a single person in this world that hasn’t felt burdened at some point. I just love this song, it is very uplifting. Even through the tough we all have a story to finish.  Stephen Curtis Chapman has been blessed with a fantastic ability to spread the message of God’s love.


Colton Dixon – More Of You

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Beautiful video, wonderful song, I really enjoy Colten Dixon’s work.

Casting Crowns – Broken Together

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This song has such a sweet and heart-wrenching quality to it, and the message is so beautiful, I find that every time I hear it I get tears in my eyes.  I just adore Casting Crowns.

Capital Kings – Born to Love

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My music pick today is Capital Kings – Born to Love, featuring Britt Nicole.  This song sums up my entire attitude towards life in 4.20 minutes of beautiful lyrics and instrumentation. This is the season to really take time and reach out to one another and give something that EVERYONE (you too….) can give – LOVE.  Love that guy on the corner with the sign needing a sandwich.  Love that child who has no shoes because their parents can’t afford them. Love the jerk who just cut you off on the highway. Love the person who just made you feel insulted.  Love yourself.  We all deserve Love and it is so simple to give.

Jenga Playing Cat

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Here is my video for today – how adorable is a cat that can play Jenga?! I find it completely wonderful! Love, love, love!

Cat Taking the Dog for a Walk

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Nothing quite like watching a cat be a BOSS. LOL!

Raging Fire – Phillip Phillips

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I just saw him perform on Live with Kelly and Michael and holy moly this guy is quite a singer. He has a very unique and lovely vocal ability. And he plays very nicely on his guitar. Definitely a great song.